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  • 5 Halloween Outfits Ideas For Kids

    With Halloween fast approaching, we go through some of our favourite fail-safe outfit choices for children’s costumes to help inspire you. Even though there's rain forecasted for the end of October, you shouldn't let that ruin your family fun!

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  • The Queen reveals the birdcage as her favourite style of umbrella

    Our beloved queen is never caught off guard without a trusty umbrella in the Great British weather, and we could all learn a lot from her choice of brolly choices, maintaining her sophistication, elegance and colour co-ordination at all times.

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  • Get high quality umbrellas for any occasion from Jolly Brolly

    As Jolly Brolly we pride ourselves on the high quality and affordable range of umbrellas we have on offer. There are umbrellas for all occasions, from corporate events to weddings, and umbrellas for everyone from kids to golfers.

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  • Woeful Wedding Advice

    There are hundreds and thousands of blogs out there offering helpful wedding advice for budding brides and grooms to be the world over. But from helpful to horrible; good or well intentioned advice can soon go bad! We’ve had a good chuckle at some of the worst wedding advice out there, and gathered our favourite faux pas’ for your amusement!

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  • Australian Couple have their wedding day washout saved

    When torrential rains caused flooding in Queensland last weekend it spelled disaster for Alyce and Matt Bookless, who were due to get married on the same day that roads were turned to rivers. Read More

  • Get bespoke umbrellas for any event with Jolly Brolly

    At Jolly Brolly we have a wide range of umbrellas to suit your every need, and you can design your own event umbrellas for any corporate event or conference to help promote your company in an eye-catching way.

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  • Fighting Fair: Most Common Arguments to Have Before a Wedding

    All’s fair in love and wedding planning and a few arguments along the way are inevitable! But as creatures of habit, we all tend to have the same ones. And we’ve compiled a list of a few of them below:

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  • Problems every umbrella user faces

    The British weather often makes a walk out in the rain with an umbrella near impossible. Not only does the rain belt down on it, but the wind whips it back up. There are endless puddles to avoid, as well as trying to avoid poking anyone else in the eye.

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  • Here’s why you should want rain on your wedding day!

    So many couples fear rain on their wedding day, especially if much of your wedding is going to be held outdoors. However, rain should be the least of your worries on your wedding day, and could be the least disastrous thing you might encounter.

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  • WedTexts Perfectly Blends Modern Tech with Traditional Nuptials

    Just last week we posted up a tech-based blog remarking on the latest gadgets couples were incorporating into their weddings. You can read the post in its entirety here but to recap the new additions to the modern day wedding included:

    • Drones to take aerial photos
    • Monitors to track the heart rate of the bride and groom
    • Go Pro cameras beneath the wedding bouquet for an eye-level view
    • Selfie sticks
    • 3D printed wedding toppers
    • And even robot bartenders!

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