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  • Where are Britain's rainiest destinations?

    Living in Britain, we are never too far away from a patch of rain (sadly), however there are certain places up and down the country where the rain likes to fall a little more than others, so you will definitely want to bring your dome umbrella with you if you plan to visit any of these destinations!

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  • How about a UK honeymoon?

    Whatever time of year your wedding is, you don’t need to go abroad to have a beautiful and memorable honeymoon.

    The UK is full of incredible scenery and breathtaking views, as well as friendly places to have afternoon tea and historical settings that will make for great photographs.

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  • Autumn is here. Are you geared up for it yet?

    Everyone loves summer, but when the autumn months begin to draw in, there’s still plenty of ways to have fun outdoors if you plan for the weather.

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  • 7 winter essentials to keep the kids happy and healthy in the winter


    It may not be winter just yet, but there is a still a chill starting to form in the air, and the long sunny days are coming to a close. There’s no need to feel blue about the winter though, as with just a few essential items, you and your kids can make the best of the great outdoors, and have just as much fun in the colder seasons as you do in the warm summer months!

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  • 5 top tips to make your wedding guests very happy!

    Going that extra mile to make your guests feel (almost) as special as you, will make sure your wedding will go down in history with the greats in your guest's opinions. To help you think about those memorable small touches, we've collated 5 of our favourite ideas to help you impress!
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  • Outdoor activities to do with kids on a rainy day!

    Raining again? Excellent! That might not be how you’ve been looking at it, but we hope to change your mind. Here are just a few ideas for those moments when you’ve just got to get them outdoors, but the skies have opened and the rain is pouring.

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  • Picking the perfect umbrella for the rainy season

    The wonderful range of brollies available today means that you certainly can match every outfit with an umbrella, like we recently posted about how the queen has tailor made umbrellas to match perfectly with each and every outfit colour scheme (read more here). However, this is sometime a very un-viable option, so here is out guide to picking the perfect multi-purpose umbrella to keep you safe on any rainy day!

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  • Rain forecasted for your honeymoon? We’ve got you covered…

    In a world where Hollywood movies all have happy endings, Disney princesses are never found comfort-eating chocolate all afternoon, and sunshine is synonymous with happiness, you could be forgiven for thinking that a downpour during your honeymoon could make it a complete disaster. But that’s all a state of mind. If you’ve been worried, like Alanis, that rain on your wedding day will make the whole experience ironic, then let’s put your mind at rest. Here are some ideas to turn a wet weekend in Weston or a showery stay in the Seychelles into the perfect honeymoon after all.

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  • Where to start with planning your wedding…

    When your wedding day is on the horizon, you want to be prepared. If you're not careful, all those essential wedding preparations can turn something truly beautiful and exciting into a heavy load. But make sensible plans ahead of time and you can identify some really manageable steps that will make the run up to the big day far more relaxed. Getting your planning right will save you headaches and potential stress. Here are some tips.

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  • Autumn weddings gaining in popularity research reveals

    Statistics from last year show a shift from summer weddings to fall, and with the way the year is heading so far, this trend is expected to continue! We’re not surprise, as the time of year is simply spectacular for a wedding, offering beautiful colour schemes, stunning backdrops and cheaper costs, and this year they are set to take over from summer weddings!

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