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Kids Umbrellas

  • Don’t let rain get in the way of your day with Jollybrolly umbrellas

    At Jollybrolly, we pride ourselves on offering high quality and cheap umbrellas for every occasion. Whether you need personalised umbrellas for a corporate event, cheap golf umbrellas for your next tournament or just some fun kids umbrella to prepare you for rainy day activities, Jollybrolly is here to help.

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  • Fun outdoor activities for kids in the spring

    At the winter blues fade away and the weather gets warmer, kids are wanting to be outside more, so why not plan some spring time activities you and your kids can do together, come rain or shine? There are simple activities to do which can easily make the most of springtime.

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  • Christmas party tips to keep the kids entertained

    Let’s face it, if the kids are enjoying your Christmas party, probably everyone else will too. The last thing you want is bored teenagers on your hands, or frustrated ten year olds playing football with balloons that should be hanging up. So make preparations to ensure the children are entertained during your upcoming Christmas party. Here are some top tips:

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  • 10 alternative uses for an umbrella

    You may have been tricked into thinking that umbrellas only have a single use, to be used only to protect you from the rain. However, you might be surprised to find that umbrellas can actually be used for many other things, some of them may be a little strange, but you might find that they form inspiration for your next creative challenge. Through history they have been used in many different ways, from dance props in Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ dance video, to a shaded canopy art exhibition in Portugal, so why not try your own interesting and alternative uses for an umbrella with these ten creative ideas.

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  • Kids Can Eat For Free This Rainy Half Term

    As October half-term is on our doorstep, you may be slightly puzzled on the types of activities you can organise. The Autumn weather will presumably ruin any outdoor plans you may have had but don’t fret!

    Even if it is raining, just dig out your kid’s umbrellas and head down to Jamie’s Italian Kitchen.

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  • Autumn is here. Are you geared up for it yet?

    Everyone loves summer, but when the autumn months begin to draw in, there’s still plenty of ways to have fun outdoors if you plan for the weather.

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  • 5 Halloween Outfits Ideas For Kids

    With Halloween fast approaching, we go through some of our favourite fail-safe outfit choices for children’s costumes to help inspire you. Even though there's rain forecasted for the end of October, you shouldn't let that ruin your family fun!

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  • The UK is set for a stormy October half term

    The UK has been forecasted to experience stormy weathers over the second half of October, coinciding with the October half term. It may be time to get out the kids umbrellas and start planning your rainy day activities in advance.

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  • 7 winter essentials to keep the kids happy and healthy in the winter


    It may not be winter just yet, but there is a still a chill starting to form in the air, and the long sunny days are coming to a close. There’s no need to feel blue about the winter though, as with just a few essential items, you and your kids can make the best of the great outdoors, and have just as much fun in the colder seasons as you do in the warm summer months!

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  • Study finds that children who play outdoors have better health and friendships

    Although the big outdoor world can be a scary place, especially for those parents with younger children, it is important to face your fears and get the kids out and about on a regular basis. A recent study found that children who play outdoors had better health and were better at forming relationships between children their own age and those a little older.

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