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  • Kids Can Eat For Free This Rainy Half Term

    As October half-term is on our doorstep, you may be slightly puzzled on the types of activities you can organise. The Autumn weather will presumably ruin any outdoor plans you may have had but don’t fret!

    Even if it is raining, just dig out your kid’s umbrellas and head down to Jamie’s Italian Kitchen.

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  • The UK is set for a stormy October half term

    The UK has been forecasted to experience stormy weathers over the second half of October, coinciding with the October half term. It may be time to get out the kids umbrellas and start planning your rainy day activities in advance.

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  • More couples are opting for loved ones to officiate their special day

    Couples have the freedom to customise their special day from accessories like table decorations and wedding umbrellas to colour schemes and menu choices, however one researcher has noticed a growing trend in wedding customisation that increases the personalisation of the special day.

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  • Research shows how much each wedding guest spends on average at a wedding

    With the wedding season in full swing, it’s time to get thinking about outfits, gifts and travel arrangements. Whether you are the bride and groom to be or a wedding attendee, there is a lot that needs to be bought in preparation for the big day, and research shows just how much the average wedding guest spends.

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  • Geode wedding cakes are a new dazzling trend

    As so many new trends are emerging, many couples are leaving traditional weddings behind. Whether it's swapping a white gown for a colourful one, a choreographed entrance or drones filming and capturing images from above the guests, there are so many exciting ways to make your wedding unique.

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  • Photographer snaps cute pic of frogs huddling a leaf umbrella

    It’s not just humans that use umbrellas to shelter from the rain, as a photographer in Indonesia found after seeing some frogs huddling together under a leaf to stay out of the pouring rain.

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  • Australian Couple have their wedding day washout saved

    When torrential rains caused flooding in Queensland last weekend it spelled disaster for Alyce and Matt Bookless, who were due to get married on the same day that roads were turned to rivers. Read More

  • Fun ways to keep the kids entertained at a wedding

    Summer time is the best for weddings, as the weather is usually better and more people will be available to attend. Though children might sometimes be kept off the guest list, they can be a lot of fun to have at a wedding, and it is important all guests from the littlest to the biggest are kept happy.

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  • Artist creates awesome flying drone umbrella

    It’s hard to escape drones in today’s world from video production companies using them to capture incredible imagery or the proposed new way of delivering products from sites such as Amazon. Now an artist and technologist has created something we haven’t really seen before, dancing drone umbrellas! Read More

  • Is this the biggest umbrella to use in the street?

    We have come across all sorts of umbrellas at Jolly Brolly, from ones with wheels and ones that can predict the weather for you, but this umbrella might be the biggest one we have seen so far. The Blunt XL umbrella is a large umbrella meant to withstand all stormy weather.

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