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Umbrella Art

  • Umbrella flash mob raises awareness of flooded tourist attraction

    We love to see the amazingly creative uses that people have found from umbrellas, and this next story is both heart-warming and beautiful, about how a group of Gustav Holst fans gathered to raise awareness of their favourite tourist attraction, which was flooded previously in the year, armed with some trusty red umbrellas!

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  • Artist creates awesome flying drone umbrella

    It’s hard to escape drones in today’s world from video production companies using them to capture incredible imagery or the proposed new way of delivering products from sites such as Amazon. Now an artist and technologist has created something we haven’t really seen before, dancing drone umbrellas! Read More

  • ‘The Umbrella Sky Project’ returns to Portugal

    ‘The Umbrella Sky Project’ has just been unveiled once again this summer as part of the annual Agitagueda Art Festival in Portugal, and we think it is looks incredible!

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  • Art installation doubles up as giant umbrella for shoppers

    An art installation in Bath, Somerset, is doubling up as a rain cover for shoppers, as it combines dozens of coloured umbrellas hanging above SouthGate, the main shopping area of the city. The umbrellas are lining St Lawrence Street, covering the whole section from clothing stores to jewellers.

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  • The Umbrella Project charity event begins again in April

    From April 29 – May 1 an Arizona shopping mall, Hillside Sedona, will be home to over 200 painted umbrellas that will be displayed and available to buy for a donation. The Umbrella Project has been running since 1990.

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  • Umbrellas make a new world record

    University students from Malaysia have set a new world record, using umbrellas, as they created an enormous heart.

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  • Look at these beautiful photos of umbrellas

    We have scoured Instagram for some truly beautiful pictures of umbrellas, from colourful art pieces to precious moments captured forever, they are all beautiful umbrella moments. Have a look at the photos below to bring a little bit of happiness to your day, who knows, it may even inspire you to pick up one of our bubble umbrellas and a camera and set off to capture your own one of a kind moment! Read More

  • Five other uses for the umbrella

    The umbrella has been typecast exclusively as an item to be used for weather protection, but if you release your mind from the typical definition you’ll see for yourself how many uses the umbrella can really offer. Read More

  • Visvim releases $8,000 Atelier Umbrella

    One of their latest designs is the Atelier Umbrella using carefully sourced materials and over 6 months of Parisian craftsmanship and sheer hard work. Read More

  • Photographer creates stunning umbrella photo series

    An award winning photographer has recently generated a lot of buzz for his photo series incorporating the umbrella into his street photography. Read More

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