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  • Tips on what to wear to a winter wedding

    The winter wedding season is one that is truly magical, particularly when graced with a blanket of crisp white snow! However, the colder weather means that the rules we all know and love for a summer wedding often go out the window. If you are wondering what to wear to a winter wedding, we’ve got some tips for you:

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  • So you’ve prepared for the wedding, now prepare for marriage!

    Okay, so you’re all set for the big day? Have you thought much about your lifetime beyond it? After all, you’re celebrating something very momentous and setting yourself up for a new life together, where many things will be done as a couple. So it’s worth thinking about what married life will be like; as well as the wedding.

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  • Planning a Wedding? Ask yourselves these questions first!

    It can be overwhelming when the time finally comes for you to plan your dream wedding. Before you know it, all sorts of priorities start screaming for your attention and this may leave you feeling flooded with ideas and possibilities.  Read More

  • Essential gifts for your event guests

    Putting on an event requires a lot of organisation, with venues to find and guest lists to plan, the essential gifts to provide your guests with can often be overlooked. Whatever your event, whether it’s a wedding or charity do there are some essential gifts you should consider providing your guests to keep them happy.

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  • Top tips for having the honeymoon of your dreams

    Everyone has heard about the fairytale honeymoon experience, the perfect romantic holiday, the most beautiful location, a time you’ll always look back on as the epitome of wedded bliss.

    There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to have all this! But here are a few top tips you might want to take into account to ensure that your honeymoon lives up to all you dream of, even if there is a bit of a blip along the way!
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  • Could this online dress company really offer you the dress of your dreams?

    Have you been on the hunt for the perfect dress? We may have the solution to your problems right here…
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  • Bridesmaid Dress Shopping: How To Do It Effectively

    Your dream dress has been found, but now it's time to start another gown mission: The quest for finding the perfect bridesmaids dresses. It doesn't matter what your style of wedding is or how big the party; you need to find the right dress for your all your girls!

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  • Planning a Bachelorette Party… Here're The Basics You Need To Know.

    It’s not all about the bachelor parties anymore, where grooms are given a final chance to let loose before settling down. Popularity in bachelorettes see women celebrating their upcoming weddings with their closest pals too. 
    If you’re in charge of putting your besties bash together then here’s a quick rundown of everything a bachelorette party needs.

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  • The top roles and duties of a maid of honour

    Picking which of your girlfriends will get the pleasure of being your maid of honour can be difficult considering there are a number of qualities she must hold. She must be a good listener and advisor; she must be well organised and a good leader; she must always be on hand to help and excited to do so; and, most importantly, she must have your full trust. You’re going to be working together at every stage of your big day; the build-up to, during and cool down after. Here are the top roles and duties of the maid of honour!
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  • The Traditional White Wedding is Becoming a Thing of The Past

    It seems that the traditional British wedding is close to extinction, as couples are opting for an ultra-modern theme for their big days. Wedding dresses, quaint churches and pretty wedding umbrellas still make an appearance, but with a twist. Read More

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