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  • Having a Wedding on a National Holiday… Acceptable or Not?

    Planning a wedding around the holidays can be super fun and exciting for you and your guests, however, you might have to be careful which holidays you pick as some are a clear no go.

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  • How about a UK honeymoon?

    Whatever time of year your wedding is, you don’t need to go abroad to have a beautiful and memorable honeymoon.

    The UK is full of incredible scenery and breathtaking views, as well as friendly places to have afternoon tea and historical settings that will make for great photographs.

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  • Hoping for a Golf-themed wedding? It can be done!

    If you and your husband or wife-to-be are golfing fanatics, then why not extend that interest to your wedding day. With a bit of creative thinking you can use your sporting interests to create a fun and thematically relevant backdrop to the ceremony that you’ll always remember. Here are a few ideas.

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  • Bride stuns guests with incredible bouquet shot

    We all know the classic tradition of a bride throwing her beautiful bouquet in the air, into a group of awaiting ladies for them to catch. The myth has it that whoever catches the floral masterpiece will be the next to get married.

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  • Time to choose your bridesmaids? Here's some wise advice.

    Choosing your bridesmaids is one of those big and exciting decisions many girls have dreamed of ever since they first started playing at weddings.

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  • More couples are opting for loved ones to officiate their special day

    Couples have the freedom to customise their special day from accessories like table decorations and wedding umbrellas to colour schemes and menu choices, however one researcher has noticed a growing trend in wedding customisation that increases the personalisation of the special day.

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  • 5 top tips to make your wedding guests very happy!

    Going that extra mile to make your guests feel (almost) as special as you, will make sure your wedding will go down in history with the greats in your guest's opinions. To help you think about those memorable small touches, we've collated 5 of our favourite ideas to help you impress!
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  • Bridesmaids swap bouquets for puppies at wedding ceremony

    Over the years, we have seen many attempts at unique photography ideas for weddings that have become more and more creative, from the best coloured umbrella dances to ombre dresses, and this most recent idea is simply heart-warming.

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  • Our advice on picking your wedding shoes!

    When it comes to choosing your wedding shoes everyone has a preference. Although, often the extent to the decision will depend on the length of your dress, your budget and your love for shoes!

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  • Top tips on choosing your maid of honour!

    Recently there was a news story about a professional bridesmaid. This matrimonial entrepreneur had discovered a gap in the market for a wedding day best friend who would stand by the bride throughout her special occasion and handle any unexpected issues, like a misbehaving gown, a sudden need for a makeup refreshing or a word of encouragement to offset wedding nerves.

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