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About Us

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Jollybrolly offer low cost, good quality umbrellas which may be suitable for your occasion or event.   All our umbrellas are totally plain with no logos or markings, unless otherwise stated, so they don't dominate pictures or make you feel like your a walking advert.  We have supplied over half a million umbrellas in the UK alone, supporting such events as Cliff Richards signing in the rain tour, Goodwood festival of speed and cater for visitors at Buckingham Palace.


We offer two styles of umbrella as standard, these are our jollybrolly umbrella and our golf umbrella, both of which are available in various colours.  We do market our jollybrolly umbrellas as a 'disposable umbrella' but for the following reasons:


  • The jollybrollys are not the same quality as an umbrella, perhaps from a high street retailer, which you might pay £10 for. This is obviously reflected in our cost.
  • The price of our jollybrolly means you could use it a few times and simply throw away, although we have jollybrollys which we have used over 100 times and they still do the job!
  • You can dismantle our jollybrollys by hand and recycle all the parts in your kerbside recycling programs.


We also stock good quality golf umbrellas, again totally plain with no logos or markings but these umbrellas are storm proof and built to last.  Whatever your umbrella requirement then there's no doubt we are the cost effective soultion to your wet weather precautions or requirements.