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Our range of plain Jollybrolly umbrellas is available in 16 fantastic colours and start at just £3.49 per umbrella! Now in convenient packs of 10, 30 and 100 affordable umbrellas!  Jollybrolly umbrella packs are the ideal wet weather precaution - each umbrella comes totally plain with no logos or markings and we can have them delivered to your door within 2 working days.

These plain affordable umbrella packs are perfect for outdoor events where you may have a large number of guests - each cheap umbrella can comfortably fit one adult, and potentially squeeze two at a push! Jollybrolly umbrellas are also suitable for children (although we do have a dedicated kids umbrella section!), making them great for children's events, school or theatre products and art classes. These affordable umbrellas pop open with the single click of a button at the base of the shaft, making them so simple to put up and down.


Pride of our umbrella store, Jollybrolly umbrella packs are an easy answer to your event planning requirements. Order and go! For multicolour option please choose rainbow coloured icon or give us a call if the icon is not showing.

Need a bigger umbrella? Check out our range of golf umbrellas - these are also available in the full range of colours and start at just £8.00 each! With a wide 120cm canopy when opened, these umbrellas will definitely cover 2 adults with ease. Our plain golf umbrellas are also free of logos or markings so they are perfect for large events and look great in photos.

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