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  • Summer Or Winter Wedding? The Pros And Cons

    If you’ve just gotten engaged, chances are you’re thinking of one thing - setting a wedding date. No doubt you’ll want to avoid splashing out on wedding umbrellas if possible, but the Great British weather is just so unpredictable these days!

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  • Love The Rain With A Branded Umbrella!

    In any given year in the UK, almost a third of the days will experience some form of rainfall - the average number is around about 130-140 days of rain per year.

    If you are planning any kind of outdoor event, there’s always going to be an outside chance that there will be rain. With that in mind, why not use the bad weather to your advantage and advertise your business with branded umbrellas?

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  • Golf Umbrella Etiquette In The UK

    In the same confusing way that many of Britain’s drivers stop adhering to the most basic rules on the road when rain starts to fall, it appears that the use of golf umbrellas follows a similar pattern. Golfers are often so focused on their game that they instantly forget about their giant umbrella waving around in your face.

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  • How To Choose Your Fashionable Umbrella

    As the summer begins to fade and everyone's looking forward to carefree autumnal afternoons, laughing and kicking leaves in the honey and vanilla scented golden air like they do in hair commercials (or alternatively just nipping off down to Tesco for a cheap bottle of bubbly for a quiet DVD night in when it's chucking it down outside), it’s time to check you have the umbrella that suits your style. We can help.

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  • Does The Size Of Your Umbrella Matter?

    The size of your umbrella depends on what you’re looking for. Is this about a quick shopping trip where it may or may not rain? Or are you off to a festival and you picture yourself gathering the crowds underneath it when the clouds open?

    There are pros and cons of the different sizes and styles, but a few simple rules apply.

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  • Essentials For Your School Bag

    When its back to school time, one thing every child is looking forward to is their new school bag.

    It becomes the treat that helps them look forward to getting back into the classroom, and it’s the way you get to ensure they have everything they need for their studies. So lets think about the basics they’ll need to have with them.

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  • Top Gifts For Any Avid Golfer

    What do you give to the golfer in your life when it’s their birthday, anniversary, or just a moment when you want to emphasise your loving message with a gift?

    If you feel like you’ve exhausted the usual options of socks and novelty chocolates, here’s a list that might just give you some helpful hints.

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  • Heavy Rain Forecast For Your Holiday? Here's What To Do!

    So, you’re packing for your holiday: Costume? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Suncream? Check.

    Then you look up the forecast and discover that torrential rain is due in your paradise destination that week. So much for winter-sun getaways...

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  • Simple Ways To Ease Any Honeymoon Travel Worries

    With your wedding coming up, you know all about budgeting and organising. By the time it gets to your honeymoon you’ll be an event planning pro! But still on the horizon is the first holiday you’re going to get to go on as a married couple, where you'll be hoping to create lifelong memories and moments you’ll treasure.

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  • Time To Update That Autumn Wardrobe

    Autumn days can be incredibly beautiful, with days that are striking with evening sunlight, and chilled mornings where you’ll need your scarf, and perhaps an umbrella too. That autumnal beauty goes for the autumn wardrobe as well.

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