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10 of the hottest wedding trends for 2017

Those who are planning a wedding for 2017 will likely be scouring the Internet for quirky ideas to make your ceremony simply perfect. The time of year in which you will marry can often offer you a loose theme, however, here are the some of the hottest trends for 2017 that you might like to consider:


Vintage Glamour

A slight mix-up of the old and the new, the vintage glamour trend opts for unusual locations that might be seen as ugly, made up with an incredible amount of decoration to create a contrasting look that is eye-catching and unusual.


Trends of metallic tones such as rose gold, bronze and pewter may have been around for a few months of 2016, but this trend is showing no signs of slowing. The versatile colours are easily matched in a palette and give a glittery sense of glamour. Whether the colours are tied up in your hair, embellishing your wrist or making a statement on the tables, metallics are here to stay.


The neutral colour palette is a classic staple, with nude tones offering a flattering and very pretty look; these colours have been used on dresses, decorations and even wedding umbrellas! It may be one of the simplest trends to grace the wedding market, but with pops of glitter and metallics, it really can make a statement!

Floral extravaganzas

You can never have to many flowers at a wedding, and this trend is taking this to the extreme, with aisles, tables, cakes and even heads being fully dressed with soft petals in a whole range of colours. They look gorgeous on the day and make the photographs extra special, as well as filling the room with the sweet floral scent!


The shabby chic style seems to have had its day, but that’s not to say that handcrafted isn’t still very much on trend. This opts for a more back to basics handcrafted look, with bold lettering and crisp lines created through rustic materials. These items save you a little budget, but still look fantastic and are very fun to make, and add a real personal touch to your big day.

Out with the new and in with the old

Particularly when it comes to cocktails, it seems that more traditional or old-fashioned options are being favoured over more modern twists, with classic cocktail combinations re-emerging alongside the resurgence of the beloved alcoholic beverage that is gin!

Drone Technology

A wedding photographer is probably something at the top of your list of things to find to capture your special day, but have you considered drone photography also? These amazing technological devices will give you imagery like no other, and you can really have some fun with these photos taken from a height!

Mountains of Cakes

Gone are the days when a simple and small wedding cake would suffice, in 2017 the bigger the better. Whether you are creating a mountain of cupcakes or a tremendously tall traditional wedding cake, these are becoming the centrepiece of the wedding reception and are set to be quite an Instagram sensation!

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