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10 New Year’s resolutions for golfers

Now that we are settled into the New Year, it is time to really get to work on those resolutions. If you haven’t yet decided on any, don’t worry it isn’t too late! For any avid golfers out there, whether you are a beginner or a pro, here are ten New Years resolutions that we think could up your golfing game:


1. Become a member of a golf club

If you aren’t already a member of a golf club, then this is something that is certainly worth investing in. By signing up as a member you will save yourself money on green fees, as well as allowing you to socialise with others that have a shared interest. Signing up to a club has also been proven to be a great source of motivation to actually get out and play more! You can then have lessons at the club and learn from the game of others.

2. Plan a golfing getaway

If you have a group of golfing friends, then why not plan a trip away together? This is the perfect opportunity to work on your game and have some fun with it. Many other golf clubs will host a golfing party and put together a special package for you all to ensure your trip sees the best success. A long weekend away could give you a chance to de-stress and do something you enjoy, so get planning your golf trip today!

3. Give yourself a challenge

If you always play the same holes and find that your game isn’t improving very much, it might be that you aren’t challenging yourself enough. Head to a course that you are unfamiliar with to test your skills, this will kick start your brain into action and should up your game in the future. You should do this several times a year to ensure that you are consistently learning, plus it is always nice to visit a different location!

4. Take a lesson or two

You may be confident in your golfing skills, or be having trouble with something and cant quite get the knack of it, either way it is good to take a lesson every once in a while. A golf instructor can help you to improve the finer details that may mean that you can hit that hole in one shot you’ve been dreaming of. It might be the slightest adjustment to your swing or footwork that really means that you can excel on the course.

5. Invest in new equipment

As a golfer, your clubs and equipment are often your pride and joy, but these do sometimes need replacing if they have seen some wear and tear. It might be worth reviewing your kit, from your clothing and footwear to your clubs and golfing umbrellas. Purchasing new accessories might also spur you on to get out and play more often, as well as making you strive for a better game.

6. Improve your fitness

For golf, being able to run a distance or at a speed simply isn’t necessary, however, your flexibility and core strength are still important. This is the year to work on this, as it will help you to improve your swing and aim. Try out a core workout once a week, or even simply heading to the driving range a little more often may help you out.

7. Take a shot and move on

If you have a poor game, or hit a sorry shot, try not to dwell on your shortfalls, but learn from your mistakes. If you hit a couple of bad balls and it leaves you feeling sour, this could affect the rest of your game. This is a difficult skill to master, however, the sooner you learn to take a shot and move on, the better your game will be and the more enjoyment you will see!

8. Learn the golfing etiquette and history

When you commit to a sport, you should commit to each and every aspect of it, and golf is no exception. Learning the rules and history will help to expand your interest in the sport as well as increase your enjoyment levels. The better your golfing etiquette, the more likely you are to be invited to events within your club and these are where you can really see the game flourish!

9. Practice makes perfect

As with everything, practice makes perfect. Ensure that you are taking some time to head to the driving range to work on your swing, and practice putting too. You could invest in a putting green to pop in your spare room so that you can take a hit whenever you have a spare five minutes. Most find this incredibly helpful, and it means that they can fit in a little practice session a lot more frequently. You must still head out to an actual course regularly though, as the conditions for an indoor putting green are a little different to those in the great outdoors!

10. Enjoyment

Although enjoyment may not seem like a New Year’s resolution, it is important that you enjoy your games. If you find yourself getting frustrated or agitated, then it might be best to take a break and come back once you have calmed down. Your time spent golfing should be calm, focused and positive, so try to put yourself into the right mind set and keep it there all game round for the most enjoyment!

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