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10 tips to help you survive the winter golf season

Calling all golf enthusiasts! Winter is creeping up on us and the weather has certainly taken a turn, but that doesn’t mean that the golfing trips need to be put off until the sun returns! Although the weather in the winter might not be as pleasant as it is in the summertime, this should not stop you. With specially designed winter golf gear and these top ten tips, you should be able to have a great golfing season, whilst making the most of the quieter courses!

1. Invest in some hi-visibility balls when the weather is looking grey. You may find it more difficult to spot the white golf balls, but these high-vis yellow or orange balls are here to help. Science has proved that yellow is the most easily seen colour in the spectrum, these perform equally as well as the traditional whites, so save yourself time searching and grab yourself a yellow ball.

2. When the weather is really awful, try out a golf simulator. These are located all over the country and can be a great help to give you a chance to practice without getting cold and wet.

3. Make the most of the empty greens; the weather often puts many golfers off their game so they choose to steer clear during the winter. This is good news for those willing to brave the cold however, as the empty greens give you a great opportunity to practice. Just ensure to bring along a good black golf umbrella to keep you sheltered!

4. Winter is a great time to learn a lesson or two, the weather conditions make the game a lot harder with stronger winds and of course the rain, but this can actually be of help. If you spend the winter playing a very tough game, you will most likely find that when spring comes you have learnt a lot and will play much better.

5. Layering up on technically sound clothing will help you to stay warm and keep you feeling chirpy during your golfing game. The classic technique of layering clothing means that you can add or remove layers as needed to keep your body at the optimum temperature. Make sure that you don’t go overboard though, as this might restrict the swing in your arms.

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself, the par that you achieve in the months of good weather is likely to be unachievable in the winter, and if you try to aim too high you will just get frustrated and not enjoy yourself. Set yourself a reasonable goal and use this time more for practice shots rather than playing to the par.

7. Take this time to really work on your swing in the driving range. Driving range areas are usually more sheltered, and if you are one that prefers to spend more time on the actual course, this could be a good time to make the best of the bad weather and work on your game for the springtime.

8. Play a 9-hole or par-3 course, these are shorter and a little easier, so you can still play a full game but without having to spend hours outside in the rain.

9. Bring a friend along to spur you on; playing golf with a friend during the winter can help to keep up your motivation to carry on. This makes the whole experience more enjoyable; perks up your competitive side, and you might even find that you enjoy it so much that you don’t notice the poor weather.

10. Keep an eye on the weather forecast, find the best days to head out and play by regularly checking on weather updates. The weather may be unpredictable, but it doesn’t actually rain for every single day of the autumn and winter period. If you’re lucky and plan ahead, you may find a day where the weather is not too breezy and the rain holds off!

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