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10 Amazing Ways to Add Personal Touches to Your Wedding Day

The key to making your wedding more personalised is all in the little touches. Many of them can be achieved with your time and thoughtfulness poured into them, and at a small cost. These little extras will make guests feel appreciated and more involved with your ceremony. The eye is in the details; small touches can make and add a whole new personalised element to your big day. Here are some of our favourite ideas, to make your day even more meaningful, for you, and your guests.

Unique Soundtrack

Music means a lot to most people. Throughout your relationship, you will share favourite songs, whether you sing them to your partner to wind them up, it was playing in the restaurant on your first date or was in the charts during the week you met. Certain songs remind you of the times you have shared together. Creating a unique soundtrack will not only give you both the opportunity to relive these memories while you are putting the soundtrack together, but it will mean all your cherished songs will be in the background of your big day, giving them even more significance.


Many relationships are about sharing a journey through life together but your individual journeys start when you are just a child. Adding cute pictures of yourselves in your younger years show where you have come from, to where you are now. It also means you get to pick the pictures you like, rather than your family trying to embarrass you with bad shots!

Pictures can also be used instead of handwritten picture cards, if you have an image of you and the guest then print it off and add it to the table where that guest should be sitting, or rather than putting them on the tables, you could create a visual table plan with your print outs instead of writing their names.

Drinks Menu

Wedding celebrations are known to get a little indulgent. Treat yourselves and your guests to a customised cocktail that you have designed. If your wedding is during the summer, add a fresh twist like mint, cucumber or lime juice. If your wedding is in the winter, go for spices like cinnamon, cloves or honey to warm your guests and remind them of the season.

Drinking Glass Charms

Glasses often get mixed up, so why not create a ribbon or a decoration for the neck of each guest’s glass so that they can easily be identified as to who’s is who’s? Your guests can also take them home after the day as a keepsake.

Wedding Program

Wedding programs are a necessity to ensure your guests know the itinerary of the day. Each guest will be looking at it, so, why not make it a more interesting read? Include stories of your relationship; you could let them know where you first met, when you first went on holiday and how the proposal went.

Table Names

Tables have traditionally always been numbered, but there are variations you can opt for instead to add another personal touch. If you have travelled the world together, make each table a country, with a cut out of the shape of the place or a map, creating a visual. If your partner’s hobby is gardening, use flower names instead of numbers. If your partner’s hobby is cars, you could have the name of their favourite cars.

Guest Goodie Bags

Add personality to your goodie bags by including a short poem about that guest, it will make them feel as though you have thought about them all individually and are thankful they could make it, it’s a great keepsake for them too! Badges saying whether the guest is ‘with the bride’ or ‘with the groom’ also add a special touch and are very simple to make.

Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras not only capture pure, in the moment images, but they also give you, as the bride and groom an insight into what your guests got up to during the day. Don’t be worried about the cameras getting into the hands of the younger guests, as they can capture moments from a different angle and in unexpected places! You can’t host and be involved with everyone at your wedding, so when the time comes to develop the cameras you will be guaranteed a smile and surprises while looking over the images. They also make great ‘thank you’ gifts to the people that came, why not print an extra few copies off and give them to your guests?

Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great attraction at any wedding and it is easy to put together a DIY one. Pop a camera on a stand in front of a blank wall, get yourselves some props such as wedding umbrellas, big glasses, colourful wigs and make a range of frames for the guests to hold and your photo booth is ready for action!

Games on Tables

Games help to get people communicating and learning about one another, if you have a table of guests who don’t know each other very well, they can be a fantastic ice breaker and get the conversation flowing. They also help to keep the younger guests occupied, as sitting around a table for a long period of time can be challenging for them but an engaging and fun game that everyone is playing will keep them occupied.

Weddings are special days which are always remembered by yourselves and your guests. Adding personal touches is a great way to thank your guests for coming, it shows that you have been thoughtful in your choices and involves them in your big day!

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