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11 Styles Of Wedding Umbrella For Your Big Day

The thought of even a drop of rain on your big day that you could have spent over a year planning might seem like a complete disaster. However, there are a few things you can do in order to embrace the weather on your wedding day.

First things first, rain is actually a symbol of good luck. In a lot of cultures, a spot of rain on your wedding day is said to bring good luck and represents things like cleansing, unity and renewal.

You can also use the rain to your own advantage! An experienced all-weather photographer will be able to capture amazing artistic photos with raindrops and puddles and give a stunning effect. You can also have a little fun with umbrella props during the photo sessions.

Thankfully there are a variety of different styles, shapes and colours of umbrellas that are purposely marketed for weddings. From the simple white wedding umbrella to a Victorian lace, be sure that your perfect brolly for your big day is out there.

Clear Wedding Umbrellas

Clear umbrellas are perfect as you are able to shelter under them and keep dry but still able to capture some great photos still. In some cases, you can also have clear umbrellas with a coloured trim in order to match with your wedding colours.

Pagoda Parasol

A pagoda parasol adds a little Asian flair to your wedding decor. These types of umbrellas would maybe not fit all bridal tastes and styles as they are a unique shape and design.

These types of parasols come in a variety of different colours which means you are able to mix and match in order to capture your wedding colours perfectly.

Mismatched Ruffle Parasols

We all know the trend that was mismatched bridesmaids dresses, why not incorporate that in other ways and do mismatched bridal accessories that can include parasols. These would look great for photo opportunities and let each one of your bridesmaids be able to include their own style and add a personal touch to their outfit.

Classic Black Windproof Umbrellas

Brides might be a bit cautious of wearing black on your wedding day. However, contrasting dark umbrellas with the white of a wedding gown can make for some really striking photos. These types of umbrellas come in very basic colours but if it's forecasted to be windy and you have an outside destination then it might be worth sacrificing the pretty for the practical.

Lace Parasols

Vintage style, laced parasols will not be waterproof, these are simply for effect and looks for pictures.

However, if you know it's going to a sunny and dry day then getting one of these would be a great shout. There are some very pretty ones and will look stunning in photos but don't forget these are purely for photo factor!

Heart Shaped Umbrellas

Wanting something a little more unique and quirky then maybe opt for a heart shaped umbrellas. The different shape makes it look a little bit more interesting and will make a nice addition

Wedding Umbrellas for Guests

If you know in advance that there will be rain on your day it might be nice to look after your guests as well as you. Bulk buying some plain umbrellas might be a great shout as it gives guests the opportunity to stay dry especially if you are having an outdoor wedding.

So if you are constantly checking the weather updates to see if the rain clouds will be making an appearance on your wedding day fear no more as with one of these brollies in hand you can still be set for the wedding of your dreams.

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