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12 items that every bride should have on their wedding day

Planning a wedding can be very stressful, and with so many things and people to organise there are often smaller details that get forgotten. Don’t fear, we are here to give you a quick checklist of things that you should have handy in an emergency kit on your wedding day!

1. A nail file, you never know when you or one of your bridesmaids might snag a nail and need a quick fix.

2. Hair pins, also an essential, your hair is expected to last an awfully long time sat perfectly in place, so you will likely need a pin to pop those strays back into place.

3. Flat shoes, although you may love the look of your 6-inch wedding heels, they are not particularly practical, especially not when you will be meeting and greeting a substantial amount of people throughout the day. We certainly recommend bringing a spare pair of flats to relieve your feet from the day’s strain.

4. Deodorant may be needed to keep you feeling fresh all day.

5. Plasters, for minor incidents the venue will most definitely have a first aid kit to hand. However, it is always good to be extra prepared with blister plasters for the pain those beautiful shoes might bring.

6. Chewing gum or mints, again to freshen yourself up throughout the day.

7. Pain killers, as much as we hope no-one will need them, it is always good to be prepared.

8. Touch up make-up is a must, particularly if the weather is not quite as you had hoped.

9. A pocket mirror is a vital item for your wedding day so that you can quickly check up on your hair and make-up before the big ‘I do’s’ and for those life-long photographs.

10. Tissues, to mop up the tears of happiness that will inevitably be happening around the room.

11. Perfume, a spritz of perfume now and then can make you feel like a new person, especially after hugging a number of others that may have clouded your own personal fragrance

12. Wedding umbrellas, the weather in the UK is famously unpredictable, so it is best not to be caught off guard; make sure you have brollies available to save the day. We have a wide range of umbrellas available that are just perfect for weddings!

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