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Why Bubble Umbrella is The Hottest Accessory

The one thing that everyone needs on a rainy day is a good bubble umbrella. It’s not an accessory people necessarily put thought into — usually you’ll just grab whatever dome umbrella is handy. But choose wisely and it’ll feel like a deliberate part of your outfit.



At September's New York Fashion Week, we’ve seen one particular bubble umbrella everywhere (especially at Rodarte show which we discuss below) The clear dome umbrella was officially the accessory of the week. And it makes sense — it encroaches the least on someone’s outfit. It doesn’t clash with the colour scheme, and it allows onlookers to see the street-style outfit in its purest form. It’s the equivalent of no-makeup makeup

But it’s also a practical choice. Many of the ones we’ve seen at Fashion Week are "bubble umbrellas,” which are more wind-resistant and slope downwards to protect you more from the rain.

The invitation to Rodarte’s New York Fashion Week show read in part, “Please note the Rodarte SS19 fashion show will take place at an uncovered outside garden and guests should dress accordingly.” Ominous. A wet graveyard is not a typical Fashion Week venue, and steady falling rain is not necessarily a welcome backdrop.

Guests were handed clear plastic dome umbrellas at The Cemetery’s wire gates. Once the show started the gloomy weather turned into an unexpectedly welcome prop rather than a nuisance. Designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s return reminded showgoers what Rodarte does well: ’80s-party-girl vibe: turquoise eye shadow, large bows, and exaggerated shoulders. In the cemetery, models looked like resurrected socialites, starlets, and brides in their lacy, sparkly, floral best. Roses elegantly drooped from their hair and dome umbrella in hand, underscoring the ephemeral beauty of the show.


dome-umbrella Rodarte Umbrellas 2

Rodarte Umbrellas

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