As the seasons change so do the colour schemes, however, there are some trends of this year that have really stood out for us, and we think they work all year around. Take a look at four of the most beautiful wedding colour schemes that have graced 2016 so far!


50 shades of blue

Proving to be the single most popular colour for all of this year in every shade, from pastels to navy and every tone in between. Blue has been particularly sought after this year, helping to create a sea-like colour scheme, which works well for both male and female participants! Blue is a very versatile colour that complements the classic white shades that are usually found at weddings exceptionally well, and keeps it all very classy.

Deep purples and greens

These rich purple and green tones add an element of glamour, elegance and romance, making a statement and really showing your personality. These are mainly popular for those who plan to wed in the colder months, with the depth of these colours adding an element of warmth to the wedding, with an essence of royalty. However, with such bold colours you must ensure that you do not go too over the top, smaller amounts of these intense colours will go a long way.

Mismatched pastels

The mismatched pastels have been a very popular trend during the spring and summer seasons this year, particularly for bridesmaid dresses! This fits in perfectly with any shabby chic decorations and themes which may be present. It also makes a versatile option for those with fussy bridesmaids. It is often difficult to please a larger group with a particular style or colour, but with this trend, you needn’t worry. Everybody will be happy with their individual colour choices and the pictures will be simply stunning!


The final trend is less of a colour, but all about the glam. Glitter has been everywhere over the last few months, making its mark in the makeup industry, finding its way into food decorations and certainly acting as a stunning trim to accessorise any wedding! Adding a little bit of sparkle can make your day extra special, why not swap out confetti for some colourful glitter or dust your cheeks with the glitteriest highlighter you’ve seen to ensure you really stand out from the crowd!

Deciding on the colour scheme is a big task, as it will form many of the following decisions on every element of the big day. Take a look at our wide range of colourful umbrellas for sale to match your scheme to perfection and save you from the Great British weather!

Image: under Creative Commons