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Could 2018 Be The Hottest Summer On Record For The UK

If you live here in the UK then you probably would have been very aware of the amazing weather we have experienced this summer. The Met Office has stated that the Summer of 2018 could very well be the hottest one on record.

If not hitting the top spot it will certainly rank in the top 10 warmest summers since records began. With some of the longest spells of hot weather, most of us have experienced the summer of 2018 is one we won't forget about in a hurry.

The daily maximum temperature so far has been 20.9C, while the hottest summer on record in 1976 saw an average daily maximum of 21C.

As well as the hottest it has also been the driest summer in modern records, with just 47mm of rain so far this summer.

A natural reduction in river flows and groundwater levels are expected at this time of year, and water companies plan for these warmer months. The summer started with river flow and groundwaters at normal levels in most areas but urged everyone to follow their water company’s advice on saving water and also urged the public to use their water wisely.

However, millions of people in especially the north of England were even threatened with a  hosepipe ban while the hot and dry weather continued.

For us all, this has been quite the summer as we are far more familiar to a lot more rain and cooler temperatures, below is a list of spots in the country and the scorching temperatures they have reached over the past few months.
Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 14.45.24

Whether you loved it or hated it, the hot summer seems to be toning down a bit now after what seems like months of clear blue skies and scorching temperatures. However, as the temperature starts to cool down as can expect the heavens to start to open and when it does we should all be prepared for the quite the downpour.

So, for now, we have all been pretty lucky with not having to carry around our umbrellas but it’s never too late to be prepared so be sure to check out our wide range of brollies to make sure you stay covered when this hot summer finally comes to an end.

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