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2018 Wedding Trends To Look Out For

Weddings are big business and there will always be upcoming trends that the latest weddings will want to follow.

That being said with there being a royal wedding due next year what can we expect to see in the forthcoming year.

1 - 3D Florals

2018 is said to bring in a whole new season of wedding dresses and we will expect to see a lot of romantic flowers adorning otherwise fairly minimal gowns and veils. Anything whimsical and elegant is set to be a big trend to look out for when it comes to the dresses. Did you hear that Ms Markle?

2 - Transparent Elements

Apparently, we are set to be seeing a lot of see-through settings and decor. Think along the lines of venues being glasshouses or light bright spaces with floor to ceiling windows to perspex hanging seating plans and tablescapes featuring an abundance of glass details. This video is great for modern yet minimalist who like the clean m=lines and yet a few Scandinavian vibes too.

3 - New Food

Today's modern couples are now opting out of the traditional 3-course set menu for their wedding breakfast. Instead of choosing the food they actually really love from big sharing plates to food vans and portable pizza ovens. Wedding food is definitely seeing a big change for 2018 and we can predict a lot more alternative options such as Mexican, Japanese and Peruvian inspired cuisines over the traditional Sunday roasts.

4 - Invitation Innovation

Invites and nameplates are about to get a lot more exciting! Stationery has always played a key part in our designs and for 2018 we are going to see a lot more adventurous choices when it comes down to materials used. You don't always have to think paper but maybe fabric, perspex and more natural elements such as stone and wood can all be used to add a twist to the traditional paper stationery suite.

5 - Wedding Wreaths

Wreaths aren't just for Christmas, wreaths are becoming a popular decoration choice for weddings across all kinds of seasons. Wispy grasses, sweet-smelling eucalyptus and wildflowers, these bohemian rings of nature will have your guests impressed by your modern flower installations.

6 - Extravagant Capes

Wedding cover-ups are back and in a big way. Inspired by the catwalk, chic flowing capes are a big trend for brides who are set to be getting married in 2018. Choose a full-length gown with heavy embellishments in order to make a big entrance.

7 - Black Accents

You might be thinking the bringing black into the clean bridal white colour palette is complete madness, however, when you see what high fashion designers have done you might change your mind, This gives it a more modern and effective monochromatic twist that will add a statement to your dress.

8 - Cut The Guest List

Weddings are getting smaller and more intimate. Couples are opting to leave off relatives who they haven't seen for years and choosing smaller gatherings with the people that matter the most to them. This also helps cut the wedding budget considerably, means extra cash to put towards everything else that you really want.

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