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3 Tips to being a beautiful bride

On your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect of course, but very often the jewel in the crown of a wedding is the beautiful bride. Traditionally, it’s all about the dress, the hair, the bouquet - these are the things that everyone will be looking for in the photos and on the day. But here are a few extra tips to ensure the entrance you make is every bit as spectacular as you want it to be.

To start with, choose a look that fits with your personality. Whether you splash out on top hat and and tails and a huge traditional wedding dress, but your idea of beautiful might mean opting for something more contemporary. Remember this is the look that will be recorded for posterity in the photos. Some couples decide that a wedding that is strictly traditional is the best way to stop the snapshots looking dated in years ahead. But if your heart is set on a boho wedding, let down your hair, tie dye your dress and go shabby chic with the decor. It’s your day after all, so why not incorporate a personal and unique element such as a birdcage umbrella to make your entrance truly spectacular.

Another tip for wedding day beauty is to get the help you need. Book a professional well in advance to do your hair and makeup, and have a couple of rehearsals with them before so that you can feel you can trust them on the day. Pin down the timings, especially if you want bridesmaids, parents and others to have their hairdressing and cosmetics done too. It’s essential that you feel organised because the unexpected always crops up last minute on the wedding day. Part of being a beautiful bride is looking relaxed.

A third suggestion is this. Don’t add to the stress too much by putting yourself under pressure to make massive change in your look in the months leading up to the wedding. There’s no point feeling the pressure to conform to another body image in your quest for beauty. Much better to give yourself a break and be yourself.  Your beauty is more than skin deep after all.

Oh, and an extra tip for free. Choose your bridesmaids and close friends wisely. Having someone on hand who can hand you a tissue, or straighten out your wedding dress, or get you another glass of bubbly is priceless!

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