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4 fantastic tips for an unforgettable wedding

Jollybrolly are always thinking of ways to help people with their weddings, so whether it’s supplying you with ideal kid’s umbrellas for the bridesmaids on the day or providing useful hints for making your day a complete success, you can always count on us! Why not take a look at these great ideas for creating a unique and fun wedding experience everyone will remember?

A POV of a grooms feet and a brides dress after picking out umbrellas from Jollybrolly

1.      Rope in your friends and families   

Planning a wedding as a couple can be a daunting task, so we recommend getting as much help as possible.

For most people a wedding planner is prohibitively expensive, but free help is out there in the shape of friends and family.


You needn’t feel like you’re imposing by asking them to give up their time either – helping out can be a fun and enjoyable experience.


We’ve heard from brides who had their family over their house for a ‘stock the bar’ party, where people supply drinks for the wedding.

2.      Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a bride’s dream wedding planning tool and how brides managed before it was around is beyond us!


The site gives brides the chance to crawl through thousands of images of other weddings and draw on the best ideas for inspiration. The site is also a goldmine of useful information and we recommend all our prospective happy couples take a look at it.


So many people surprise themselves when they look at Pinterest with the stuff they like – it could make your wedding.

3.      Think about your how your guests will feel

At many weddings guests suffer during the dreaded “lull”. It usually happens after the ceremony when bride and groom disappear for pictures, while guests are left kicking their heels.


We recommend thinking about how your guests will feel if you’re missing for two hours with nothing much going on, and thinking about how you could give them something fun to do while you’re getting your all-important snaps.


These days it’s fashionable to put on party or garden games to entertain folk.

4.      Do as much as you can yourself

The DIY ethic is bang on trend at the moment and making centre pieces, favours and decorations yourself will make your wedding fashionable.


It’s also charming and personal, which makes sense when you think about it.

If you make a centrepiece yourself, you’ve put a bit of yourself into it and it’ll reflect your personality.


So the more aspects of your wedding you’re able to personally put together, the more of your personality will rub off on the day – making it a uniquely personal day.

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