Some see walking to work as a great chance to get active early in the morning, particularly for those heading off to work in an office where they are likely to be seated for the majority of the day, while others see it more as a chore. With these essential items, you can make your walk to work more enjoyable and take it as a chance to set you up for a good day of work:

coffee please travel mug

1. Thermos Flask/Cup


In the colder months of the year, a Thermos flask or travel cup is an absolute must. Filled with your favourite hot beverage, be it tea, coffee or hot chocolate, this can keep you toasty from the inside, as well as warming your hands! These days you can pick up very stylish and fun travel cups that will perk up your mornings!

man and woman sheltered under a custom printed red umbrella2. Classic Umbrella


The worst days to walk to work are naturally those that are rainy. No one wants to turn up to work absolutely soaked! So by investing in a good, classic black umbrella you can keep yourself protected from the elements. Folding umbrellas are helpful to keep in your handbag, however, for battling the wind a full umbrella is the best way forward. Why not try and convince your boss to invest in some custom printed umbrellas? These can be embellished with your brand logo and made in which ever colour you choose!

layers of winter clothing including a scarf and hat3. Layers


The key to a winter walk is layering. You don’t want to be absolutely freezing the entire walk, but on the other hand, you don’t want to turn up to work hot and bothered either. Finding a balance between the two is tricky, but doable. Through layering you can make sure that you keep at the optimum temperature your entire journey by just adding or removing a single layer, hats and scarves are great for this!

headphones on a desk with a smartphone4. Headphones


There’s nothing that will spur you on better than walking to your favourite tunes. Try to pick out upbeat songs that make you feel happy, and by the time you hit your place of work you should be feeling positive and ready to crack on! If you chose to use a pair of over ear headphones, these can double as earmuffs to keep you toasty on your walk.

shoes on a floor of autumn leaves5. Comfortable Shoes


Your office may have a dress code that dictates that you must wear smart footwear, and these are not always the most comfortable of shoes, particularly not for walking any distance! However, that’s not to say that you can’t wear something comfortable for your journey in. A pair of comfortable trainers or shoes could make your daily commute more enjoyable, as well as speed you up!

Walking to work is great way to keep you fit and kick starts your brain into full action for a successful day in your job. If you don’t already walk and there is a reasonable distance between your home and work, why not give it a go?

Image: Antoine K under Creative Commons