‘Golf is a rich sport’- it’s a popular statement and they’re not wrong. However, you don’t need an excessive amount of equipment to play it right. Only few pieces such as clubs, a windproof golf umbrella and a bag are essential to a successful golf experience.

What exactly do you need to look for to complete your set?


A Club

The first thing you need is a decent club or wedge. You can’t set out without a wedge and you want to make sure that you pick one that suits your needs. If you are comfortable with a wedge which is not a ‘premium brand’ then you should stick to that. Selecting a wedge is a lot like selecting a ‘wand’ for a magician. Everyone has a different choice and all can work.


Golf rangefinders would definitely be the second pick. There was once a time when golfers used to debate whether using a rangefinder on a pitch is ethical or not. Those days are far behind us and we are now accustomed to using golf rangefinder on pitch. Almost all golf arenas around the world have given permission to use rangefinders and they are now being used in professional tournaments too (with just a few exceptions).

Push Carts

Now, obviously this is not an absolute essential for every golfer as many can carry their belongings in a bag. However, if you are a regular golfer then it is only logical that you invest in some sort of pushcart. A pushcart will allow you to carry multiple wedges, your bags, your windproof golf umbrella and even your lunch with you. That’s a big advantage if you are big into golf.

A Bag

Often overlooked, a golf bag can save your day from numerous troubles. Let’s imagine a scenario...You are going to play golf on a sunny day. You may need a windproof golf umbrella, a set of wedges, a towel, a water bottle, an extra shirt, and who knows what else.

Fortunately, they don’t cost a fortune and they are a great investment.

Proper Clothing

As a golfer, you will need proper clothing before you jump into a course. Remember, you have to get a t-shirt which doesn’t block your elbows. When you are choosing a shirt, make sure that the collar is soft so that you can get air inside even on a hot day. If you wear shorts, try to make sure that it ends over your knees and have decent walking shoes. Try to keep everything tight-fit as that will ensure nothing gets in the way.

Some courses will not let you play if not properly dressed so make sure that you look put together and respectable.