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5 reasons to hope for rain on your wedding day!

While a warm spring day can undoubtedly be a beautiful day for a wedding, here in Great Britain the weather is less than predictable. A sunny morning can turn into a watery afternoon in the blink of an eye. But there is no need to despair. Here are 5 reasons why rain on your big day is actually a blessing in disguise.

It’s a good luck omen

Although the thought of a rainy wedding day may fill most with dread, rain has long held positive connotations. In fact in many cultures rain is a symbol of fertility. It helps crops to flourish, feeds communities, and April showers will often leave the world blooming and flushed with greenery. Rain symbolises a fresh start and a cleansing of the past - perfect for the day you start your adventure into married life.

It makes for stunning photographs

If you suspect rain on your wedding day be sure to hire a great photographer who will make the most of the conditions. They will know that a beautiful photo is all about the lighting, and a soft rain will defuse the light and give your photos a romantic misty glow - utterly beautiful and totally flattering.

It will keep you cool

As any bride on her wedding day can tell you, all that dancing, walking, and talking while lugging around a heavy or full length dress can get a little on the hot side. A light mist (or even a heavy downpour) will keep you feeling fresh and lively throughout the day.

It creates a great atmosphere.

A rainy wedding day will have the same effect on people as a muddy festival! At first everyone may squirm. But after becoming resigned to the rainy weather, there is a general feeling of just letting go and not caring if your hair looks like you’ve been caught in a wind tunnel.

People will be looser and much more open to having fun and chatting with other guests about the soggy weather. A rainy wedding day will inspire comradery in your guests like nothing else - well except perhaps their mutual love for the bride and groom!

You can accessorize more

Yep, you guessed it. We’re talking umbrellas.

Umbrellas for bridesmaids, umbrellas for guests, colorful umbrellas, frilly, stripey and bamboo umbrellas. Brollies make for beautiful photograph props so give the same care and attention to picking out your wedding brolly that you would give to the rest of your outfit. They can act as a beautiful background to a full portrait picture - think Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. In fact, one might go as far as to suggest a brolly whatever the weather. A lace parasol will add a distinctly Parisian feel to your outfit.

You could even incorporate umbrellas into your wedding day by providing all the guests with the same colour wedding brollies. British weddings tend to be quite muted in colours so this is the perfect opportunity to bring a rainbow to your wedding celebration.

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