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5 top tips for hosting an outdoor event in winter

The great outdoors makes for a wonderful event venue, particularly during the summer months, however a winter event outdoors has a certain magical charm to it, and with just few additional preparations you can ensure that your event sees success!



Food choices

Even if the weather manages to hold off, it is likely to be cold, so by offering your guests a range of warming foods and drinks you can keep them satisfied throughout. During the festive period especially, popular drink choices may be hot chocolate and mulled wine (and alcohol free alternatives such as mulled apple juice). The foods you may serve can range from soups to meat filled rolls, just pick out a hot food; it’ll warm the guests up and keep them feeling happy

Prepare for any weather outcome

The weather forecast may predict bright sunshine, however you can never be sure when a downpour is round the corner. You can prepare alternatives such as a group of white gazebos, then people can take shelter if need be. Or choose a venue that has both an indoor and outdoor location so that you can move inside at the last minute. Another option is to provide your guests with promotional umbrellas; these can be branded with your company logo and a colour of your choice providing a functional measure as well as great feature for marketing!


If your event will be held in the daytime, the natural lighting should be sufficient, however it is important to bear in mind that the sun sets very early during the colder months. You can opt to have spot lighting to lead the way, or fairy lights around the stalls provide a magical touch... and offer many pretty photo opportunities. Christmas themed events will certainly benefit from this, adding to the ambience and putting everyone in the festive spirit!


Your event may be one that already offers a variety of entertainment, but at more corporate events, it is worth having some form of entertainment to keep your guests happy. If you have a big budget you may consider live acts such as bands, but if not, the facilities to play music in the background will suffice, helping to set the scene as a welcoming environment. A creative way to get people to interact is to use a selfie square or have a photo booth. It gives the visitors a chance to act a little childish and will help to make your event one that is remembered! These images can be printed out on the day to be taken home, or shared on social media in the future!

Be creative

You want to make your event one that is remembered for a long time to come, so don’t be afraid to try something different! Whether you choose to run with a wild theme, have a flash mob of dancers turn up at the event’s prime time, or serve only pink food, the more inventive your ideas, the more likely people are to enjoy your event and talk about it. Everyone loves a competition, so why not run one with a grand prize to be won at the end of the day? This is a great way to raise money, as well as keeping the guests entertained!

Image: ReneS under Creative Commons

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