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5 top tips to make your wedding guests very happy!

Going that extra mile to make your guests feel (almost) as special as you, will make sure your wedding will go down in history with the greats in your guest's opinions. To help you think about those memorable small touches, we've collated 5 of our favourite ideas to help you impress!

1 - Pamper them with a welcome bag

Providing your guests with a small bag of goodies is a great way to officially welcome them to your wedding since they will be arriving way before you do. A few little treats inside along with a bottle of water and some tissues for those emotional guests is a great touch. If your wedding is at a hotel or similar venue consider popping in a map so guests can easily find the bar or toilets when needed.

2 - Quench their thirst with pre-ceremony refreshments

Offering drinks on arrival is always a winner. Whether it's a glass of champagne, a fruity cocktail or just a cold glass of orange juice, it will definitely be appreciated before the main events begin (plus it sets the tone for the evening ahead!)

3 - Give their twinkle toes a break

You know you have put on a great day when your wedding guests are still dancing at the early hours of the morning. A great idea that has been a hit recently is having a basket of flip flops in the corner for guests so they can switch out of their heels and dance the night away comfortably and without falling on their backsides after a few too many! If you are planning a beach wedding then this idea also fits perfectly with the theme - it's a win-win!

4 - Keep them warm with blankets

If you are planning an outdoors wedding or a venue with a large garden you are hoping to make use, provide guests with blankets and throws for the evening when the temperature drops so guests are able to wrap up and still continue to party. This idea is also great for weddings that plan to have firework displays, hog roasts or other outdoor activities. You may also want to keep a few umbrellas handy for outdoor ceremonies in case of a downpour, order our UK umbrellas online and be prepared for the big day!

5 - Feed them with late night treats

After the formality of the wedding breakfast, when the party is in full swing, the bar most likely busy and the dancing well underway, guests often start to get a bit peckish. To avoid any ‘hangry’ guests occurring, provide a table of light refreshments, sandwiches, treats and snacks for guests to nibble on throughout the night.

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