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Brides Magazine Outdoes Itself with a Staggering 52 Ways to Save Money on your Wedding Day

At Jollybrolly we believe firmly in affordability, and to prove it you can purchase our simpler designs from just £4.50. Weddings can be notoriously expensive, and we try to reflect our pricing philosophy in our wedding range too... but enough of that.

We were blown away by the ingenuity of wedding mag Brides recently who gave no less than 52 smart and ingenious ways to save money on your wedding. Stand alone for each suggestion we’re talking low(ish) numbers, but add everything together and you’ll have yourself a bargain of a day!

We’ve listed the top ten we feel are the most effective suggestions below:

1. Sharp Scheduling: By avoiding having a long gap between the ceremony and the reception, you can save a decent amount of money.
2. Bye Bye Bread Baskets: This addition to a wedding meal can often cost more than you’d think. And of course, it fills guests up so they don’t enjoy your main meal so much.
3. Online RSVP: An online RSVP feature can save a surprising amount of budget. What with paper and postage costs, going online can be a smart move.
4. Standing Ceremonies: We know, we know... it’s nice to have a seat. But providing it’s a short ceremony and there are seats available for any elderly guests this can be a great cost-saving measure.
5. Minimalist Programs: Instead of designing, printing and sending multiple programs out – put in the day and time on the invites, and post just one large program at the start of the ceremony.
6. Meal Price Minimalism: Children’s meals are often considerably cheaper, so make sure you purchase the right amount of adults and children’s meals for the day.
7. Newsletter Deals: Every brand is looking to sell online nowadays – and they’re often offering tasty deals in order to secure your business. So sign up to a few newsletters, and see what deals you can get. As an online store ourselves, we’re fairly certain you’ll get a few!
8. Lower Price Wedding Favours: We’re extremely passionate about this one. After all the cost and enjoyment of a wedding, the wedding favours are a token – they do not need to be ultra pricey. You can also do one wedding favour per couple too should you wish.
9. Family Meals for Munching: You can’t beat a home cooked meal... so why go Michelin star at your wedding? Wholesome and simple meals requiring less preparation and cooking can be far cheaper. We’ve also seen a rise in the trend of newlyweds hiring catering vans too, to reduce the cost even more.
10. Double Trouble Flowers: All you need to pull this off is a few bridesmaids! Get your flowers made for the church, and trek them across to the reception.

We thought these budget-saving ideas were brilliant. Each one is small but don’t forget, every little thing adds up. And on that note, you can view some of our budget umbrellas here

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