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6 Free Days Out In Dorset This Summer

Wherever you are in the world, if you’ve never been to Dorset, it’s time you gave it a go this summer. Dorset is a beautiful county in the South of England, with plenty of natural attractions to visit, and a stunning coastline to stroll along.

The visitors tend to flock here in the summer months and during school holidays, but - especially if you have an umbrella with you - any time of year it’s worth a trip. Here are some ideas for places in Dorset you can visit for free!

First of all, Durdle Door is a rock formation in the shape of an archway. It’s a strong visual image so bring your camera. You’ll find it along the Jurassic Coast, which is a World Heritage site. Don’t worry, the dinosaurs are all fossils nowadays.

The Cerne Abbas Giant is an ancient chalk outline of a man, possibly Hercules. It dates back to the Iron Age and is an unusual tourist attraction. Local legend suggests some kind of fertility powers apply to the hillside where he’s found. We wouldn’t know about that, but in our view, since he isn’t wearing clothes, he could definitely do with an umbrella.

Sherborne Abbey is a destination for those interested in churches and architecture. It dates back to  Saxon times - around AD 705 - and was founded by St Aldhelm. The Abbey’s history is rich and varied - a cathedral, a monastic community, and nowadays a parish church.

Dorchester should also be on your list of places to visit. While you’re there, the Roman Town House dates back to the 4th Century AD. To this day, it’s the only complete Roman Town House in Britain that’s on view to the public.

Chesil Beach is a natural attraction not to be missed. It is an 18 mile stretch of shingle that is no good for swimming or surfing, but great for the view, and a popular place for beach fishing as well.

Portland Bill is near to Chesil, and it marks the southernmost point of Dorset. On a sunny day it’s just a magnificent sea view. But if you come here during a storm, the blustery waves can be spectacular.

Wherever you go in Dorset you’ll find rolling hills and lush countryside, so take some walking boots and wet weather gear, just in case, and you’ll find plenty of places to escape to. it’s worth packing an umbrella too.

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