Going hiking can bring up many obstacles, aside from the actual physical exertion that is needed to walk trails the main headache seems to be what to pack and take with you for your hike.

It’s easy to think of the basics: Good walking shoes, base layers, cooking equipment, food, torch, water bottle and a few basic toiletries.  Problems start to arise when you’re prioritising what you can actually take with you.

Have you ever thought about taking an umbrella with you? Bear with us, read our tips on why you should take your umbrella out of the rain soaked towns and cities and into the wilderness. Before long it will become a part of your hiking essentials and be the first item you pack when exploring nature.


  • Ditch the rain jacket in warmer climates. An umbrella offers more protection from wet weather and unrivalled ventilation. With Jolly Brolly’s clear umbrella weighing under 300g that’s nearly half the weight of a standard rain-proof jacket. It also reduces risk of hyperthermia as there is no wet material in contact with your skin.
  • On the opposite end of things, your umbrella works as a perfect parasol. In hot weather make sure to keep on top of your water intake.
  • Reduces weight of inventory. By using an umbrella in hot climates you are able to drink less water due to being in the shade, you can also reduce sunscreen for the same reason.
  • It provides a micro-shelter. You can use this in many ways from a plugging a hole in the tent, as a windbreak when lighting a fire, privacy screen, turning upside down and using as a container when preparing food.
  • Finally, it trumps the rainproof jacket when weather is mixed. It’s much easier folding an umbrella than it is constantly putting your jacket off and on when the weather is mixed.
  • It can be used as a multi-purpose tool with uses being a stick to balance when traversing uneven terrain to being used as weapon to protect yourself in the wilderness.

Get out there and explore and see what uses you can get out of your umbrella!