Although it might seem like most men have opted for a cheap, quick option when it comes to their umbrellas, there are still plenty of men out there who carry a sturdy, well-pricey umbrella that matches their attire and general look. There’s absolutely no denying that an umbrella can still be as much of a gentleman's status symbol as a pair of Prada lace-ups.

So for those gentlemen who still enjoy the prospect of honouring the umbrellas status and the etiquette associated with these accessories that some may not be aware of.

And what better time to learn that the present, using your favourite large umbrella will show you mean business, so here’s where to start:

1. Hold on before opening your umbrella, timing is everything.

Okay so this point may seem a little basic and obvious but its best to clear it up, just in case. Essentially, it's rude to pop open your umbrella and accidentally hit a person. And in the same breath we’d add that for that very same reason, it is rude to open your umbrella indoors as well. And that, my friends, has absolutely nothing to do with good fortune.

2. Correct holding of a dry umbrella

Try to keep a dry umbrella held vertically. Don’t tuck your accessory in a horizontal fashion with the ends sticking out as they’re primed to stab someone. Primarily, just remember that an umbrella is not too dissimilar a shape to that of a weapon and therefore should be held with its point down wherever possible.

4. When leaving, take your umbrella

We have all been there, you go to a restaurant carrying your best umbrella on the way, and end up leaving with a shoddy half-broken one that someone left behind because they strolled out with yours. So don't be that person.

5. Having special awareness

Whenever you are approaching a person who is shorter than you, it is expected of you to raise your umbrella, allowing room for them to pass you by without having to alter the path they are walking. In the event that someone around the same height, whoever is sporting the larger umbrella should raise theirs. Taking a few drips as you pass is wiser option to go for instead of catching someone in the eye with part of your umbrella.

6. Sharing your umbrella

Finally, but arguably most importantly, if you are sharing an umbrella with someone as you walk along, regardless of whether they are a male or a female, make a conscious effort to share the amount of rain coverage you both receive. Personally, we would tend to offer more to the other person, but that isn’t absolute etiquette.