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7 cute date ideas to save for a rainy day

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and no doubt you have already planned a beautiful romantic gesture for your loved one – something involving roses and chocolates!

You might be a pro at planning dates for yourself and your partner, but what about when it rains unexpectedly? Do you have any backup plans or just try to wing it? But don’t worry either way, we are here to help, with some fantastic rainy-day inspired dates for you and your loved one!

Cooking and baking

Get out the pots, pans and dig up some daring recipes you want to try and turn the kitchen upside down cooking and baking some delicious treats. Try a blind taste test, or bake till you drop. Put on some cheery tunes while you do and the sun will come back out before you have finished icing the cake!

Movie marathon or TV binge

On a rainy day or night, why not order some takeout – or eat some of the delicious food you cooked up – and curl up on the sofa watching your favourite films or TV shows? And instead of just doing the one film or TV episode, make it a marathon! A rainy day is a great time to catch up on any shows or start binging on a new one, all you’ll need is some popcorn.

Bring out the board games

See the competitive side of your partner with some board games like Scrabble, Monopoly or Cluedo. If more people are required, invite some friends over for a group hangout and make it a big game night. Be sure to provide some snacks and drinks to fuel the competitions – and remember not to get too angry over any sneaky Monopoly moves!

Ice skating or bowling

If you want to be more active on your rainy-day date, head to the local bowling alley or the ice rink. It might seem a bit cheesy, but it is always a fun way to spend the afternoon or evening. If you’re bowling, it is easy to make it into a competition: first person to get a strike wins!

Video games

If playing video games too much is something that annoys you about your partner, why not spend a date trying some of their games out, or even digging up some old classics? Go for two-person player games and you will find it is really easy to get into a game – if only for one evening. And your partner will definitely love the opportunity to show you how much fun gaming can really be.

Build a fort

Be a little kid again and build a fort. Use pillows, cushions, blankets and chairs to make a cosy hideaway in the middle of your living room floor – even add some fairy lights for that extra cute touch. You can have as much fun building it as you can be snuggling together with some hot chocolate and a movie on the tablet.

Walk in the rain

Now, although we love to complain about the rain, there is still something refreshing about a walk in the rain. Grab a big umbrella so both you and your partner can huddle under it together, put on some funky rain gear and wellies and head to the park. And don’t worry about having people see two adults splash about in puddles like a couple of kids – no one else will be out in the rain!

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