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7 style tips for men

January is the perfect time to take a look at your style and make some changes, you know, “new year, new me”! If you want to give your wardrobe an update, but don’t want to end up looking like you’ve just walked out of a jumble sale in an attempt to look alternative, then take a look at these seven style tips that will help you through from head to toe.

Buy less at a higher quality

Slow fashion is set to be one of the biggest emerging trends of 2017, encouraging people to buy slightly more pricy products of higher quality, rather than splashing the cash on a whole new wardrobe full of cheap, throwaway fashion items. This is a rule that both males and females should start to follow, not only because it is more eco-friendly, but also encourages you to think a little more about what you are buying. The better quality items will likely last longer, and the higher price tag will mean that you will likely be happier with your purchase through a longer thought process.


There are several accessories for a man that can really pull an outfit together. It is often best to opt for minimalistic and classic styles to ensure that these items are suitable for a wide range of smart and casual looks. In the rainy months a classic men’s umbrella is an absolute staple, chose a style with a sophisticated wooden handle and black canopy for the most versatility. Other accessories you may wish to consider are simple scarves- a winter essential, or a beautiful timepiece. Just remember, less is more!


A lot of people say that you can judge a man by his shoes, so picking out the right pair is important to make a good impression! Don’t feel limited to stick to the rules of wearing trainers with casual outfits only, as many smart looks can benefit from a quirky twist, just ensure that they are clean and in good condition to keep your outfit looking pristine. On the more formal front, a good pair of black or brown leather shoes is an absolute wardrobe staple, particularly if formal attire is something you have to wear regularly. Investing in a quality pair of leather shoes will have you walking the walk and talking the talk with the confidence they offer.

Learn to iron

Ironing can make or break an outfit. If you’ve gotten into the habit of leaving the creases in all of those shirts then it is time to stop. Crisp lines and flush finished smarten even the most casual look up! You don’t need to go over the top and start ironing your socks, but shirts and t-shirts are essential.

Utilise the basics

Simple colours and basic items should form the basis of your wardrobe, with just a few standout items bringing them all together. This means that you can create a wide range of looks from the basic items that are all interchangeable, particularly useful if you often have to travel for a day or two as you can re-work pieces to create a whole new look.

Shop with a friend – in-store

You may find that you simply prefer to order items online, as it is quick and easy, delivered straight to your door. However, when creating a whole new wardrobe it is best to head to the high street so that you can try different things on. Bringing a friend along with you might help you to spot something that you may have otherwise overlooked, with the confidence of your best pal in tow, you’ll be ready to try everything and create a style that you love. Shopping with a friend also often makes it a more enjoyable experience, and then you can stop off for a coffee or bite to eat along the way to re-fuel!

Fashion can be practical

Don’t be tricked into thinking that clothes that look the part can’t be practical. You need to find a balance between style and practicality to ensure your new wardrobe works in your everyday life. Items with pockets can make your life easier, eliminating the need to carry a bag around. When buying a jacket make a note of whether you need this to have a hood, to be waterproof, or whether it is simply for warmth, as this will likely affect your purchase decision.

Enjoy your clothes

Clothes can give you a new sense of confidence and help you to achieve your goals; research has shown that dressing the part for work can increase your workload by up to 50%! So if simply changing up your outfits makes you feel more confident, then this simple change could change your working life completely! Enjoy experimenting with different styles and accessories and don’t be afraid to try new things!


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