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7 winter essentials to keep the kids happy and healthy in the winter


It may not be winter just yet, but there is a still a chill starting to form in the air, and the long sunny days are coming to a close. There’s no need to feel blue about the winter though, as with just a few essential items, you and your kids can make the best of the great outdoors, and have just as much fun in the colder seasons as you do in the warm summer months!

  1. A winter jacket is an absolute must, for kids, the favoured choices tend to be patterned and brightly coloured. Take the children out with you to make this purchase, as it is important to buy the right size, for maximum warmth, and to pick a style they approve of to save arguments later about them not wanting to wear a jacket! There are a great variety of styles available for both boys and girls, so you are sure to find something that will suit every taste.
  2. An important item of footwear for those rainy days is a good pair of wellington boots. There are endless amounts of fun to be had splashing around in puddles and taking long walks through the mud, but you need to make sure that both you and the kids are wearing appropriate footwear so that you don’t ruin your best pair – or even lose a shoe to the thick mud!
  3. Sticking with the rainy days, there is no essential quite like a kid’s umbrella, and these are possibly one of the most fun features a child’s winter wardrobe! Available in a mass range of colours, patterns and themes, this is where you can really have fun accessorising! A child’s umbrella is the perfect size and weight to fit their needs and will keep them warm, and happy when the weather is looking a little sad.
  4. The key to any winter wardrobe is layering, this means that if the kids are too hot they can remove layers and not be left feeling uncomfortable. A mixture of long and short sleeved tops is best for this, it also means that if the kids get messy you can just remove a layer and voila – clean as a whistle.
  5. If we see the snow that is expected to fall this year, then hats and scarves will be a must. The extra layer of insulation is perfect for keeping you cosy in the outdoors, particularly for upcoming outdoor events such as bonfire night!
  6. Going back to the layering aspect, jumpers, hoodies and cardigans are also a great addition to a kid’s wardrobe. When the children are playing indoors and don’t want to be weighed down by their outdoor jackets, a warm hoodie or jumper is a great alternative to protect them from catching a cold in the winter!
  7. On days where the weather is a little chilly but is not rainy, it is a good idea to have a strong pair of winter boots ready, they are great for walking, be it to and from school or on a nature trail. They’ll keep the kid’s feet nice and toasty, protected from the elements and generally tend to offer a better level of support than a wellington boot.

Once you have everything you need from the winter essentials checklist, the important thing is to get out and have fun! Don’t be afraid to get a little messy while you explore the great outdoors, and show the kids that the winter can be just as fun!

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