Here at JollyBrolly, we can cater to any person who is in need of an umbrella. Don’t believe us… Here’s how.

The Brides & Grooms

Having an umbrella at your wedding will be one of the best decisions you will make. We know that we can’t trust the weather to stay how you want it especially here in England, as it always rains when it shouldn’t. The first reason is pretty obvious, to stay dry! If it’s chucking it down the walk from the car in the rain is not going to be a fun one. Another reason to invest in some umbrellas for your wedding is for your photos. Your wedding photos will last a lifetime so why not make them stand out from everyone else.

The Golfers

Golf umbrellas are important accessories for a player’s bag. When the weather goes south, an umbrella can be your best friend on a rain-whipped green protecting both you and your clubs. There are several things to consider when buying an umbrella including dimensions, wind resistance, shaft material and colour scheme should all be taken into account.

The Ladies

For all those ladies out there who can't leave home without your handbag, how many of you actually carry an umbrella all the time too. If the answer is no, then you should! We have a range of folding umbrellas which can reduce to a small size in order to fit in your bag so it won't even feel like your carry on an umbrella with you. But when the heavens open you will go glad you decided to put one in there after all.

The Gentlemen

For any businessman, it’s important to walk the walk as well as talk the talk, which is why having a smart umbrella with you is vital. If you are one for a suit and briefcase in the city then you won’t want it getting damp in the rain so our range of men's umbrellas is the one for you. Mainly coming in dark colours in order to keep things simple, classic and elegant.

The Storm Chasers

Do you just love being outside? Whatever the weather you just want to feel the wind in your hair. This is pretty common for a lot of people but when the winds are blowing a gale and the rain is coming down hard it can be hard to get yourself outside. With our range of storm umbrellas, you can happily go outside whatever the weather knowing both you and your umbrella will stay intact.

The Kids

All parents know that the best way to get the kids to use up their energy is to get them outside and run around. Here in the UK the rain likes to make appearances more than we would like but give your kids an umbrella and even that won't stop you. Here at Jollybrolly, we have a wide range of kids umbrellas that will suit any child, whether they like pirates, dinosaurs, fairies or just a single colour we can cater for the even the pickiest of children.

The Brands

Are you a company that wants to expand your reach and get your name out there? Do you also like to attend trade shows or fairs to showcase what your business is? Whatever your brand represents you can get your own personalised umbrella with your brand's logo or name on it so even if you are just walking down your local high street, you will be advertising your brand without even realising it.

...Everyone Else

Even if after you have read this you still don't seem to fit into any of these categories then we still have something for you. Our plain Jollybrolly umbrellas come in wide range of colours so you will find one that you like and let's be honest...everyone needs an umbrella in their lives, don't they.