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9 top tips for hosting a successful event

There are many steps involved in planning an event, and it can be a little stressful. However, the efforts will pay off if the event is a success! Here are nine of our top tips to ensure that you achieve your goals:

Set objectives

What are you trying to achieve? Is the event to raise money for a good cause, or is it to raise brand awareness? By setting key targets you will be better able to gauge your event’s success, and decide on what areas you would most like to focus on. Setting an objective at the beginning will give you a clearer path to plan.


Naturally, when you are hosting an event you will have had to do some level of planning. You want your plan to be as fool proof as possible, so don’t skimp on the time you spend doing this and ensure that you have thought of everything. Don’t leave yourself to do all the hard work either, by delegating tasks and getting some help you’re more likely to achieve success. Remember, two heads are better than one!

Food & Drinks

Food and drink is often an important part of your event, keeping the guests happily satisfied. You can opt for a finger food buffet, hot food stands or even simple canapés, and these will delight your guests and help them to enjoy the event!


Getting your guests to engage during your event is vital, whether it is through a comedy photo booth, interactive games or simply by chatting to one another. The more people interact and engage, the more likely it is that your event will be well received. Childish games and silly activities often work well in this case, releasing your guest’s inner kid and getting them laughing!

Giveaways & Goodies

Everyone loves a freebie, whether you’re giving away little goody bags or offering a chance to win a free trip away! This can drive engagement during your event and mean that your guests continue to talk about the event for weeks to come.


Paper invites are a little old fashioned, but still often work well, as do posters. However, in the digital age, invites on social media platforms such as Facebook, or sent via email tend to be more effective, and this will help you to gauge numbers to ensure you have enough food and goodies to cater for everyone.


Event organisers should try to make an effort to get out into the crowds and speak to the guests, this will help to gauge what is a success and where improvements could be made, particularly useful for future events!

Plan B

Although we hope that you don’t need to resort to a plan B, this is a good way to prevent a crisis. If your event is outdoors for example, you should have an indoor location that everyone can relocate to, or ensure that you’ve got a stack of customised umbrellas available to dish out. These can be personalised with your brand logo and colours and are a great marketing method!


Most of all, you should try to enjoy yourself, mingle with the guests, eat some food and enjoy the event you’ve created!

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