Of course you want your wedding day to proceed without any complications, but there are bound to be one or two things that can go wrong.  We took a look at Bridal Guide Magazine’s article which featured some great advice from couples who had regrets on their big days, and shared them in the hope that other couples would not make the same mistakes.

Money Isn't Everything

You may think paying top dollar for a wedding service means you are bound to get the best for your big day, however the cost does necessarily coincide with the quality of the service.  One bride from New York was surprised to find that her expensive florist missed preliminary meeting and did not show up to the venue on time, and the band she paid over the odds for did not play any of the songs she requested.  However, she was more than happy with the make up designer she had found on Craig’s List.  Doing your research into testimonials rather than price can help you make better decisions. 

Similarly, a groom from Pennsylvania paid outright for a wedding cake and trusted the designer to make it the way they had discussed, however when it came to the event the cake was too small to feed all the guests and was not the style or flavour they had agreed on.  The groom said he wished he had followed up on the original discussions and been more hands on with his research.

Keeping Everyone Happy

Keeping a multitude of guests happy at a wedding is one of the hardest things to do, especially as the couple have a whole itinerary of things to get done.  A bride named Lauren from New York said she felt bad for having not spent enough time with each of her guests, realising that many had travelled a long way to be at her wedding and she had not even spoken some of them.  It is a good idea to show you guests that you value their presence and appreciate that they have made the effort to join you on such an important day. 

Another bride named Toni said she wished she had written her own vows to recite with her husband.  Whilst she loved the traditional Christian text used at her wedding, she said it would have been nicer for her and her guests if they had heard something a little more personal and not so mainstream.  It is important to consider how both you and your guests will remember your wedding day, as something fun and vibrant rather than run-of-the-mill.

Photo Finish

Wedding photos are probably the best lasting memory couples and guests have of the day so ensuring they are top notch is an important aspect.  One couple from New Jersey asked a friend to record the proceedings, but found he had forgotten to press record through much of the ceremony and party, leaving them with nothing to look at afterwards.  They said saving money was great but they wished they had hired a professional.

Another bride had a make-up mishap in her photos; when she had originally trialled her wedding day make-up she loved it, however under the lights of the camera her eye shadow was particularly sparkly and left her looking a little more Fright Night than Night to Remember.  She said she would have preferred to have a make-up artist there with her on the day to make any last minute changes.  If the photos turn out beautifully, it is an absolute must to get on sorting them and sending them out as soon as possible.  A groom from Morristown got as far as getting the photos printed but never made the scrapbook of memories he had originally wanted and now, months after the wedding, he and his guests still do not have any of the prints they requested.

There may be tiny mistakes that do not make a difference on the day, but making sure you double and triple check everything can help negate any regrets post-celebration.  These testimonials are from couples who wish they had done things a little differently, so take heed and make sure you plan, plan, plan!