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Our advice on picking your wedding shoes!

When it comes to choosing your wedding shoes everyone has a preference. Although, often the extent to the decision will depend on the length of your dress, your budget and your love for shoes!

The first and hopefully easiest decision you can make is whether you want your shoes to match or contrast the colour of your dress. If you are wearing a white or ivory dress then brides often go for matching shoes as a complementary pairing, whereas, for dresses of bolder shades, brides often choose shoes in a different colour for a striking contrast. It's important to note, paying attention to subtle details such as your shoes complementing your other accessories will really enhance your overall look!

If you've gone all doggy-eyed over a pair of killer heels and bought them before choosing your dress, we strongly advise taking them with you to all your dress fittings! Not just so you can match the colour but also test the height of the heel against the hemline of your dress as this may need adjusting!

Another important factor to consider is the type of floor you will be walking on. Will it be grass, carpet, wooden? A harder floor can often lead to being slippery, especially in brand new shoes. To ensure that you maintain composure and elegance consider gluing sandpaper to the soles in advance or spray the soles with hairspray - an old trick of the trade!

Another factor you will need to consider is the weather, particularly if your wedding is outdoors. Although birdcage umbrella might be of some help for some protection, it is unlikely to be able to save your shoes from any mud or rainy floor surfaces, so bear this in mind!

Take into consideration your groom-to-be’s height! While this is not an issue for many, some taller brides worry about being taller to their new spouse on the wedding day. If this is you maybe consider lower heels or flats instead.

Next, practicality! We know it can be easy to get carried away with what you want your shoes to look like but sometimes you have to think practically. As a bride, you need to remember you will be wearing these shoes all day so feeling comfortable is essential to ensure your shoes don't spoil the celebrations. Additionally, bringing an extra pair is often a great idea. Even if the second pair of shoes you choose might not be any lower than the first but a change of shape will be good for your feet and will be less likely to hurt by the end of the night!

Pricing. Have a good think about the future of your shoes after the wedding, are you planning on wearing them again. For a lot of brides, the idea of splashing out on a pair of shoes to wear just the once isn't really an option. A nice idea to make your shoes last longer post-wedding is to dye them, and your once white/ivory wedding shoes are now your go to heel on your girls night out!

The most important thing of all, however, is to choose a pair of wedding shoes that you fall in love with. They will forever remind you of your special day and they should make you feel fabulous!

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