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Are Cheap Umbrellas Really Best?

When you lose or misplace your umbrella, nobody jumps for joy about buying a new one. Even if you have found one with the cutest design on it, it's still just an umbrella: resolutely practical and non-fun and to be honest something you know you will just end up losing again.

Also if you think you can just replace your umbrella by wearing a cap, we can tell you now it's really not a great substitute at all. And you can't make your denim jacket waterproof through sheer willpower either. This is where a lot of people would automatically go for the cheap umbrellas as that will do the job for now.

However, a good umbrella is affordable to everyone and anyone. We expect umbrellas to be just a couple of pounds but if you spend maybe £10 - £15 on an umbrella with a little more longevity you might be a lot better off. A more durable umbrella may be that little bit more expensive but can last a minimum of five years, maybe more. Of course, assumed that you won't lose it. But like everything the more you spend on something the more you will want to look after it.

Once you have decided how much you are willing to spend on an umbrella it then all comes down to picking one out. You can either do this online which is where most people will tend to choose to shop but actually picking an umbrella out in the wild is an entirely different proposition.

It’s said that you can feel if it has a good frame when you open an umbrella up and hold it. It should feel sturdy and the ribs feel thicker, but much of that context requires being there in person.

So what about buying an umbrella online? Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure whether an umbrella is of good quality when ordering online and its all about trial and error especially when it comes to buying off sites such as Amazon.

So, Here at Jollybrolly, we would say, unless you are really destined to own an umbrella in the four figures, we would say stay cheap and true. Thankfully these days technology has progressed enough to let us have umbrellas that are sturdy such as our storm shield umbrellas but also won't cost you a fortune.

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