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Arnold Palmer And His Now Legendary Golf Umbrella Logo

If you’ve ever had to create or design a logo of any kind, you’ll understand how challenging it can be. You’ve got to somehow try and encapsulate everything about your organisation in one little symbol - not easy.


The golfing legend Arnold Palmer also had this issue many years ago, but his iconic colourful umbrella logo is always adorned around his invitational golf tournament. See the name Arnold Palmer at any event and it’s likely you’ll see the umbrella logo somewhere in the background.

Since his untimely death late last year, Palmer will not be present at a number of golf tournaments worldwide for the first time in decades, but his presence will certainly be felt as his umbrella logo lives on.

But how did the umbrella association come about?

Back in 1961, Palmer was struggling to come up with a viable logo for his new business venture at the time - he wanted to develop something unique, but had serious difficulties settling on a finished design. It was at this moment he snapped and needed to cool off, so took a walk in the rain.

Arnold’s own website gives this account:

‘The frustration level in the meeting was rising and Arnie went to walk it off only to find it was raining outside. He saw a lovely woman get out of her car and pop open a multi-coloured umbrella. Arnie dashed back into the conference room.

"What about an umbrella?" said Arnie. Someone at the table shot back, "What kind of umbrella?' Arnie suggested a multi-colored golf umbrella. A few heads bobbed in agreement. But nobody was even close to calling it a good idea, yet. Somebody told Arnie not to get his hopes up too high because it would be a miracle if someone hadn't already trademarked it.’

Much to the group's surprise, a colourful umbrella had yet to be trademarked and so, despite some reservations from some members, the logo was agreed.

Nearly 60 years later, this logo still lives on today.

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