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Art installation doubles up as giant umbrella for shoppers

An art installation in Bath, Somerset, is doubling up as a rain cover for shoppers, as it combines dozens of coloured umbrellas hanging above SouthGate, the main shopping area of the city. The umbrellas are lining St Lawrence Street, covering the whole section from clothing stores to jewellers.

SouthGate has definitely pulled out all the stops with the new installations. Centre director Guy Henderson said: “We thought ‘let’s do something out of the ordinary’.

“We were looking at doing something different and trying to create a point of attraction. We like to think it will be a showstopper for Bath.”

The umbrellas hung above the heads of shoppers in SouthGate, as seen in the picture, are not just there as an attractive art installation but will provide some colourful protection from any rain that might come this summer.

The umbrellas are not the only way shoppers are being entertained with art installations over the summer, with an area of green lawn being spread out where visitors can take a break and even enjoy a game of giant Jenga!

We love seeing umbrellas used in more unconventional and imaginative ways. If you’re going to be doing some shopping too this summer, grab one of our birdcage umbrellas so you will always be prepared.

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