It’s hard to escape drones in today’s world from video production companies using them to capture incredible imagery or the proposed new way of delivering products from sites such as Amazon. Now an artist and technologist has created something we haven’t really seen before, dancing drone umbrellas!

Alan Kwan, a student in MIT’s Art, Culture and Technology programme, had a vision to create an aerial drone display before deciding on a dancing umbrella routine, which is something you’d more likely see in a cartoon, not at one of the world’s top technical institutions.

Kwan decided to create a synaesthesia-like experience by flipping the audience’s perception and giving a typically inanimate object, in this case the umbrella, a life of its own, so he made the umbrellas come to life and behave like jellyfish.

Kwan had this to say of this one-of-a-kind visual project:

“I wanted to use drone technology to create a kind of aerial performance. I feel like a lot of people are doing something similar, but they tend to be there to emphasize the skill of the operator — or to be flashy, more like firework or laser shows.

“I wanted to try and do something that was more subtle and, in its own way, emotional. I love the idea of creating animation in the sky, where there’s a story told through motion. I hoped that audiences would look at these drones as living flying creatures, interacting with one another.”

To see these dancing umbrella drones in action click here.

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