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Astronomer has plan to stop climate change using giant umbrella

Astronomer Roger Angel believes we might be able to stop the Earth from overheating by firing 16 trillion small robots into space, which will form a large umbrella and block some incoming sunlight.

Angel has said that by blocking just 2-4% of the sunlight coming to Earth could help to prevent damage being caused by global warming.

Each robot would weigh about a gram and deflect sunlight with a transparent film which has been pierced with small holes.

The robots would steer themselves into orbit using solar-powered ion propulsion – the same technology currently used on the European Space Agency’s Smart-1 Moon orbiter – to form an umbrella 60,000-miles wide.

Once in place, what are known as “shepherd dog satellites” would regularly nudge the mini bots to stop them crashing into each other or being blown off course by solar wind.

But just how would the robots make it into space? Via a giant electromagnetic gun launching them into space from the top of a mountain of course! This technology does not currently exist, so it seems Mr Angel’s plan has hit a bit of a stumbling block before it even got going.

It sounds like the script to a sci-fi film, and there are some people who doubt the plan would even work, but Roger Angel seems convinced that this is the way forward! We will certainly be keeping an eye on the story to see how it develops.

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