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Australian Couple have their wedding day washout saved

When torrential rains caused flooding in Queensland last weekend it spelled disaster for Alyce and Matt Bookless, who were due to get married on the same day that roads were turned to rivers.

Saturday saw the rains turn the road which ran past the Bookless’ wedding venue washed away, and with just a few hours to go until their scheduled ceremony time they were left with no wedding venue.

They had been planning to wed on top of a hill at Alyce’s parents farm, but when the wedding planner arrived at 10.30am on Saturday morning that was in doubt, and within an hour the road had disappeared, leaving the wedding planner stranded and the couple with no choice but to cancel their wedding or change plans.

With the bride in tears and in need of more than just a bridal umbrella to deal with this wedding day downpour, her sister put out a plea for help over a local radio station. Fortunately for Alice and Matt, that move paid dividends and they ended up having a fantastic day.


Here’s what people were able to provide:

A venue

Marcus Sullivan, the general manager at nearby Arundel Hills Country Club, was listening to the radio on Saturday morning and with no functions scheduled for his venue that day he knew he could help.

Speaking on Sunday he told Sea FM: “We rang up and told Alyce, we’ve got a venue if you want it. This was at about 2pm and they said yes, so we had to shift things around pretty quickly and get set up for a wedding inside an hour or two.”



Because of the rain there were no golfers at Arundel Hills, but the room they were able to offer for the reception was pretty bare. In stepped Tammie Fowler, the owner of interior design company Style onQ. She also heard the call and soon set to work turning the room into a stunning reception venue.



With the original caterers unable to get their equipment off the original site because of the rain, Alyce and Matt needed a last minute caterer to step in, and they got exactly that. Specialist wedding caterers Queensland Catering were able to cook up dinner for 60 guests and then provide a hog roast for evening guests.


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