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Autumn is here. Are you geared up for it yet?

Everyone loves summer, but when the autumn months begin to draw in, there’s still plenty of ways to have fun outdoors if you plan for the weather.

Of course there’s likely to be more rain this time of year, but that doesn’t need to stop you going outside. Think about getting geared up with the right outdoor protective clothes - wellington boots, a waterproof coat, maybe a new umbrella for everyone, so the whole family can get out in the countryside, kick some leaves, gather some conkers, and enjoy everything the season brings.

Autumn is a time for a few cosy outdoor traditions. Bonfire night, Christmas, times when it’s great to get out in the night air, and then come back in for hot soup, or a warming mug of cocoa. Don’t forget to celebrate. There’s something good for everyone’s well-being about enjoying the changing seasons and building memories of different times of year.

How about gathering some autumn berries and fruits and working on your jams, preserves and drinks. Sloe gin may be one for the grown ups, but blackberry and apple crumble is a surefire favourite to end a Sunday afternoon family tea in the autumn months. One afternoon, grab an umbrella just in case, take some lightweight containers with you, and not only can you gather the produce you need, you can also work up a hunger with all that fresh air.

Don’t be ashamed to reach for a season of great films. Spending time with friends watching movies is a great way to keep warm on chilly autumnal nights when the rain is pouring. Maybe have a month of movies with a selected group. It’ll be something special to remember.

Children can still have fun in outdoors even in the rain. You could give them a tent in the garden to turn into a den and even allow them to cook outside with a bit of supervision. Torches and wet weather gear such as children's umbrellas will make a cold evening into a fun and memorable event.

Autumn leaves don’t last forever, but the memories certainly can!

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