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Autumn weddings gaining in popularity research reveals

Statistics from last year show a shift from summer weddings to fall, and with the way the year is heading so far, this trend is expected to continue! We’re not surprise, as the time of year is simply spectacular for a wedding, offering beautiful colour schemes, stunning backdrops and cheaper costs, and this year they are set to take over from summer weddings!


According to research by The Know, around 39% of couples decided to tie the knot in autumn last year, compared with the 33% of couple who chose the summer season to recite their vows, which is down 6% on 2014.

Although the weather might be slightly less predictable in the cooler months, this time of year still has fairly stable weather that is often surprisingly warm. Make sure you’re prepared with dome umbrellas for your guests and you’ll be prepared for anything!

The results also revealed that the most popular month to get engaged was December, with October being the month of choice for the actual wedding, closely followed by September.

However, the autumn season weddings did not determine the most sought after colour schemes, with more people opting for classic colours such as ivory, white, blue and pink and purple, with metallic shades also proving a popular choice!

In which season would you prefer to marry?


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