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Avoid these foods leading up to your big day

So much preparation goes into organising your wedding, from guests, locations, food, bridal parties and of course the dress! The list of things to prepare can almost seem endless, with people often forgetting to prepare themselves for their impending nuptials.

Regular exercise in the months leading up to your big day, along with a balanced diet can help your mind and your body be in the best shape possible for the big day.

Below you will find a guide on which foods to avoid in the lead up to the wedding, whether you’re the bride, groom or a guest, omitting these foods will have you feeling great on the big day, leaving you to enjoy the day stress free.


Artificial Sweeteners

These should be avoided in the week leading up to your wedding day, this artificial type of sugar causes bloating and can sometimes even rashes! Both the last thing you want on your special day.

If you fancy something sweet opt for fruit such as mango or pineapple or high cocoa content chocolate.


Carbonated Drinks and High Sugar Juices

By now we all know the dangers of fizzy drinks, they should really be limited not just in the run up to your wedding. They can stain your teeth, cause unwanted bloating and embarrassing belching. If you fancy something sparkling, try sparkling water with a twist of lemon or lime.



Alcohol is well known to add a few extra pounds to your belly, after splashing out on a nice wedding tuxedo the last thing you want is your beer belly stealing the spotlight! Alcohol can also cause bloating in the face, which never looks pleasant in the wedding day photos. Of course, a wedding means that alcohol will be drunk, just save it for the evening do, when you can really let your hair down!


Cruciferous Vegetables

You would think vegetables would be ok before your big day, and they are, it’s just best to stay away from certain types. Cauliflower, beans and other such varieties which are hard to digest should be avoided before your wedding day, they can cause gaseous build ups that could lead to embarrassment on your special day.


Dairy Products

Dairy intolerance is one of the most common food intolerances around, try to avoid dairy as it can cause indigestion and cramps. On the flip side yoghurt can calm your stomach if you’re suffering from wedding jitters or stomach upset. It’s just finding the right balance!


New Foods

The week leading up to your wedding is not the time to be experimenting with different foods, new foods can cause allergies and unwanted reactions. Leave the experimenting for married life!


Weddings can be full of surprises, not just with food, but weather as well. If the rain decides to show itself on your magical day, don’t let it deter you, visit Jolly Brolly and pick up one of our clear dome umbrellas to protect you from the elements.


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