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Awesome Wedding Food Ideas That You and Your Guests Will Love

Your wedding day is the perfect time to truly express your personality and who you are as a couple, and food is often a big part of this. If you are mid-dilemma of what meal to serve on your big day but want something a little different from the traditional three-course dinner, here are some alternative wedding meal ideas to help you get the ball rolling… or rather mouth watering...

Sharing Platters

Want to get everyone talking at your wedding reception tables? Try serving up sharing platters. This way you can get a lot of different dishes on the table and guests can pick and choose what they wish; a great alternative for fussy eaters. Ideas: you could serve anything from Italian Antipasti Platters through to Cornish Seafood.

Vintage Style Afternoon Tea

If you are going down the more classic route, it could be worth considering a traditional afternoon tea for your guests. Sandwiches, scones, and cakes are far more affordable than a three course meal and still very filling. This option is elegant and classically British... Everyone loves afternoon tea right?


If you are planning an outdoors wedding in the summer months, whether on a beach or in a garden, a BBQ would fit this summer style perfectly. A BBQ is a favourite for the British during the summer so why not serve it up as your wedding breakfast meal of choice! Not only does it create a relaxing atmosphere, it is also affordable to cater for, especially with a larger wedding group. Just ensure that you have some bulk umbrellas available in the event of a downpour!

Wood Fired Pizza

There are few things in life that are better than pizza! Wood fired pizzas are all the craze at the moment and there is something pleasing about watching someone make your food right in front of you. Serving pizza at your wedding also allows guests to choose their toppings there and then, before enjoying their meal a couple of minutes later. This means, no fuss in terms of food tasting and no lengthy pre-order stress!

Food Trucks

If you are having a ‘fun’ wedding, have you consider hiring out some foods trucks, like what you would get at festivals? These are easy, fast, and often cheap to hire plus, often food everyone loves...

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