September is finally upon us, and the children are starting to filter back to school, back to their daily routines and enjoying spending the days getting an education and enjoying the company of their friends! There is a lot to think about to get them ready for the term ahead, so here we have a handy checklist of things you should remember to equip them with for school!



With this term being the one that brings the cold weather, you should definitely invest in a good winter jacket for your child, this can be stylish or plain, as long as it is still practical. This will help protect them from coming home with a nasty cold!

Kids Umbrella

During the colder months particularly, it is good to be equipped with a children’s umbrella, whether this is for the morning walk to school or during playtime, this fun accessory will certainly get the kids excited to go back, you may also want to invest in some wellies, with the Great British weather, you never know when you may need a brolly or trusty pair of wellies!


Another winter necessity, a co-ordinating hat and pair of gloves is an accessory essential to keep the kids nice and cosy!

Plenty of uniform

This may seem like an obvious point, but to make your life a little easier, ensure that you have plenty of uniforms, not just the one. Children can be messy, or have an accident at any point, you don’t want to be stressing out over having to wash and dry uniforms in record breaking speeds, so why not buy a few extra white shirts and socks to be prepared for anything!


Depending on what age group your child sits in will depend on what kind of and how much stationary they will need, from pens and pencils to rulers and cases. This is often a favourite shopping trip for the young ones, prepare for the year ahead and go stationary mad!

P.E clothing

Don’t forget the P.E kit either, along with suitable trainers and a bag. Check with the school on the requirements for your kits, as they may be a little more extensive, especially for older children!

Lunch box/water bottle

If you are planning to send your child to school with a pack lunch, a lunch box is an essential, these come in all sorts of fun colours and designs which will make lunch time feel like a real fun treat! A water bottle is also vital to keep the kids hydrated throughout the day!

School bag

Last but certainly not least, one of the biggest decisions of the schooling year has to be the school bag. It must be practical, big enough to fit in all the necessary equipment, but still be manageable, and of course it needs to be trendy!