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How To Beat The Top Wedding Fears Couples Go Through

Everyone is a little bit nervous when it comes to their wedding day. It’s only natural that you should have a few things on your mind. After all, you want it to go right and you only have one shot at that. Don't worry, we're here to help. Let's mention a few things up front, put them on the table, and then help dispel any nerves. See if we mention your top wedding fear.

The first concern for many couples is that you really want your wedding day to be absolutely perfect. Of course you do. But what if something goes wrong? What if it rains on your expensive dress? What if your hair doesn’t go the way you want it to? What if the ring gets lost? Or what about heavy traffic, a power cut, or some other potential wedding disaster. Okay, it’s true, any of these things might happen. That’s just life. But the great thing is that you’ll have your dream team of helpers on hand; your best friends, your closest relatives, not to mention the wedding professionals who are very used to handling the unexpected and getting on with it. Life will do what life does, but trust us, it won’t matter at all. In the end, you’re getting married and that’s what will really count.

Another concern is that your plans might not be as stylish or impressive as a celebrity wedding you saw, or even your friend's wedding that everyone you know went to last year. But remember that other people’s comparisons and comments isn’t the point. You might not have the dream budget or the sought-after location, but this is your wedding. If you focus on that thought and make the day your own, that’s exactly what your guests will notice and remember. It's your day, and no one else's.

Finally, what about life after the wedding. What if everything changes and your relationship feels like it might start to go downhill. That’s an understandable fear. Our advice is to bear in mind that things will change, because they do for everyone. It's natural. You will both grow and change and develop, and that's good. This is only one day, but the commitment is really important and will keep you growing together over the years. Everyday will not be like your wedding day, but that’s okay. That's good. You’re in it for the bigger picture.

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