So you’ve decided to pick up golf. If you’re joining the greens later in life and don’t have your dad or uncle letting you tag along with them and setting you up with your first clubs chances are you have quite a bit of kit to get your hands on. By the time you’ve sorted your clubs, your bag to carry them, a glove, some spikes, some balls, some tees, a ball marker, a divet tool, a golf umbrella… (the list can go on) you’ve already invested a fair bit and you haven’t even started playing yet!

Now we’re not trying to put you off- if anything the opposite!

Most of the people frequenting the courses have been at this for years and years- yes they may have a driver that’s x10 more expensive than the one you went for but that’s not what’s giving them the advantage. It’s the fact that they have been visiting the course religiously for the last 15 years whilst you were nursing a hangover.

So regardless of what kit you’ve got to get you started on the golf course, here’s some bits of advice that might help you along the way:

  • Use knockoff clubs. For every brand-name club played on the PGA and LPGA tours there are imitators that almost (but not quite) steal the design. In the hands of a player of less than pro talent, these clubs will perform just as well.
  • Stock up in the autumn/winter. Autumn is one of the best times to play; the crowds are gone and the course is usually in prime condition. You'll probably be able to find some Black Friday deals on clothing and supplies online. This is also the best time to buy your cheap golf umbrella!
  • Buy cheap balls. The golf industry would like to convince you'll hit a £4 golf ball straighter or farther than a £2 ball, but for most of us, that just isn't true.Used balls also can be a good deal.
  • Buy a cheap golf umbrella. We sell quality budget umbrellas here and as a beginner we understand that you don’t want to invest in accessories until you know for sure that this hobby is going to stand the test of time!
  • Use your savings to buy lessons. There's a better way to get better at golf; take a few lessons. Your investment will go much farther toward helping you enjoy the game than splashing out on fancy equipment.